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Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. The company was genuinely a bookseller but with time it expanded more to sell some more variety of consumer goods and digital media as well as and its own electric devices, such as kindle e-book reader, kindle fire tablet and fire TV, a streaming media adapter.

Amazon web service is a widely involved cloud computing platform. The first AWS was presented in 2006 to provide online service for websites and client-side applications.

Jeff Bezos became involved in the company as Cadabra in 1994 but it changed the name to Amazon for the website launch in 1995.

The headquarters of Amazon is in Seattle, Washington.                                                                          

Here i am showing you top 7 amazon service providers companies that is:

Seller’s Choice



Science Soft




1. Seller’s Choice:

Seller's choice is one of the finest service providers in all around the world. It is located in the United states. It provides services in digital marketing and search engine optimization and helps you grow in the market.

A few services are listed below:

·Design and web development:

           Seller's choice is an expert company in digital marketing and works with your ideas to develop your design and website. They provide an attractive design that suits your product and help in product success and brand improvement.

·Digital Advertising:

           Seller's choice is one of the seller's first choices when the seller thinks about advertising his product. They provide digital advertisement through social media and website ads and bring traffic to your site by paid and other promotional methods.

·Marketplace solutions:

Seller's choice understands market challenges and knows the efficient solutions to those problems and guides you in the path where there are higher chances that your product will be successful and will grow rapidly.

·e-Commerce SEO:

They have experts for search engine optimization and they work for bringing traffic to your site and make your product and brand spread faster and ask Google to optimize the searches about the brand.





2. Logicata:

Logicita is a UK office that provides all ecommerce related services. Logicita, a member of the AWS network service, made a wise decision to create a better system that would make the customer's Amazon service environment cost-effective and secure.


AWS Certified engineers.

Free AWS Migration service.

Free AWS Cost Optimisation report.



Phone# +44 203 793 9615


Office Address: 107-111 FLEET STREET, LONDON, EC4A 2AB

3. Accenture:

The Accenture started in 1979 with its office in Dublin, Ireland. The Accenture has been performing a number of services at AWS since 2015. It provides a wide range of technology services in faith.

Accenture  provides its services in many countries. About 120 countries benefit from the services of the exchanger. Their services are also available to industries such as banking, insurance, retail and health.


·They will help you with the migration of applications to the cloud

·It assists in building new cloud-based applications.

·They support in defining cloud strategies.

·It provides cloud security, SaaS and application services.



Phone: 0808 1011169

4. Science soft:

ScienceSoft is a US-settled IT counseling and programming improvement organization with more than 31 years of involvement with IT and 12-year experience in IT administration the board.

Amazon Service Partner provides all services to its customers from start to finish, including AWS server and troubleshooting, AWS usage optimization, AWS evolution.

Services And Features:

·Amazon Service Partner provides all services to its customers from start to finish, including AWS server and troubleshooting, AWS usage optimization, AWS evolution.

·The AWS is a trusted member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network with troubleshooting architects, AWS Special Administrator and its board and other experts.

·It is always ready to cooperate with the IT team and other vendor groups within your own country.

·You can easily connect to and benefit from all of AWS's services. You use it with on-premises.

·AWS strives to facilitate as well as keep bills to a minimum and give you as many resources as possible so that you can get better services.



Mail To: eu@scnsoft.com

Phone : +358 92 316 30 70

Office Address:2 Myyrmäenraitti, Vantaa, ZIP 01600, Finland

5. Cridiqa:

                                                       Cridiqa | Amazon Private Label – Virtual Assistant Service

Cridica is located in the United Kingdom and has their product sourcing, and product labeling  in china. They have their offices all around the globe and provide their services at their best. Cridiqa is a fast growing Amazon service provider all around the world and they have extensive setup in the UK, USA, and Pakistan and have their offices especially in the mentioned countries and good networks in the countries where Amazon is growing fast.


 The services provided by cridica include:

  1.  Product sourcing
  2.  Product labeling

Product sourcing:

          In this service the company provides the sourcing of product  and provides the shipping of the product to the required location. Cridiqa is providing the product sourcing especially from China to other countries like USA, UK or any other country that has the basic setup for Amazon store.

In the field of product sourcing for Amazon Cridiqa is best at this service so if you are considering sourcing your product you must try Cridiqa for at least once.

Product labeling:

          Product labeling is a service in which you launch your own brand for an existing product in the market. For this you have to contact the supplier for the bulk production of the product and store that product under your brand name in the Amazon store. The brand is yours and the product manufacturer is the same in this way Amazon is providing the best way to achieve the place you deserve in the market depending on the hard work they put in the market. In this service Cridica helps you set up your brand and succeed in the market.





Liverpool, England, UK

6. Ensono:

Ansono was started in 1947 and is headquartered in Downer Grove IL. Ansono partnered with AWS in 2012 and began working together. Anisono provides consulting and advisory services.

As well as providing hybrid IT services in the cloud, managed infrastructure, application services, mainframe and midrange.


They provide a set of services for project delivery.

You can add the resources as per your requirement.

They provide elastic web application services.

They offer a Hybrid Datacenter option, through which you can integrate your current environment with AWS.




7. Onica:




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