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Top 7 Errors UI/UX Designers Frequently Commit

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The excellent UI UX design is a crucial component of the company. It can efficiently lead customers through worthwhile interactions and considerably increase conversion rates.

You should definitely be aware of the typical and uncommon errors made on various designs if you work as a UI designer or plan to enrol in UI/UX Design Courses so that you may better assist your clients in achieving their objectives.

You'll be far more likely to build a website that satisfies your client's requirements for it to be “simple to use but makes a huge impression and leaves viewers with the appropriate impression of our firm so they buy lots of our things, forever and ever” if you know what to keep in mind.


To make it easier for you to prevent errors in the future, we've identified the 7 most frequent errors.

  1. Poor Color Choices

A design suffers when the wrong colours are used. This subject might be highly fuzzy and personal. Given that colours convey meaning, you must take your client's brand and audience into account. Additionally, you must consider people who are colour blind.

  1. Ignoring Additional Devices.

In today's world, this ought never to occur. Because we live in an imperfect world, some rookie designers nevertheless have a propensity to overlook the fact that a significant portion of people only accesses the web from their smartphones. So for rookie designers, it is recommended that to take advanced UI/UX Design Courses always.

  1. Unsenseful Navigation

Your website should constantly live up to visitor expectations and have very clear navigation. Put the website components where people will expect to see them.

  1. Lack of content in design.

It's crucial to realise that the content of a website plays a vital role. However, while developing with Lorem Ipsum, designers often forget that the content they've chosen won't be the final version and won't likely fit properly or appear to be empty.

  1. Unexpected Buttons (CTAs)

The majority of navigating is done through buttons, therefore stay away from buttons that are too small, difficult to notice, or placed incorrectly.

  1. Bad Spacing and Padding

An excellent user interface should be neat and uncomplicated so that users can quickly grasp it. Your padding and spacing are important because of this. Ironically, this is also a typical UI mistake.

  1. Too Many Clicks

There will be more lost sales the more clicks a user has to make before reaching the “buy” or “sign up” button. The clicking error is related to the time it takes to discover the form as well as the length of the forms. If a website requires visitors to sign in before using it, for example, make sure that sign-in is prominently displayed so that users can quickly enter their information and press the enter key with just one click if auto-fill is enabled.


The best user experience (UX) design isn't about beautiful parallax or amazing animations. Keep in mind the fundamentals, such as simple access to pertinent content, responsiveness, readability, and navigation. On top of that, there will be beauty and creativity.

We advise taking UI/UX Design Courses so that errors never get onto your website.

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