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There are so many great ways to get active we won’t waste space here listing all of them. Each of these has its own benefits for mental, physical, and social health – and perhaps your attention has turned to rock climbing.

Well, if you’re thinking about joining a rock climbing gym, here are our top eight reasons we think it’s a great idea to get started with rock climbing!

1. It’s a low impact exercise
Exercises like running, jogging and contact sports are high impact-activities. Yes, they’re great for your cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility, but they’re seriously hard on your bones and joints.

Rock climbing by contrast doesn’t involve the harsh impulse and impact of these other physical activities, but still carries the benefits and then some.

2. It builds strength and stamina (it’s a whole-body workout!)
Rock climbing is well known for improving grip strength – you need to be strong to keep your grip on those little holds and ledges – but it's really a full-body workout. It engages all of the larger muscles in your arms, legs, and core and is highly effective at burning calories. You’ll even use muscles you wouldn’t think you’d use, like your abs, obliques, and lats, to keep yourself balanced and stable in odd positions.

3. Improves flexibility – the forgotten component of fitness!
A sad truth about fitness routines is that some people focus too much on resistance training and cardiovascular health without paying enough attention to flexibility.

Often the forgotten facet of holistic fitness, flexibility helps prevent injury, enables a greater range of motion for more efficient expansion and contraction during resistance training, and helps ensure greater stability and balance.

4. Improves balance and coordination
Rock climbing is a great challenge and if you get serious with it you’ll be stretching for – and maintaining – all sorts of positions. This obviously has a pronounced effect on your balance and coordination!

5. Boost critical thinking and problem-solving skills
What’s great about rock climbing is that it requires consistent attention to detail and focus. Every move must be carefully planned before execution. Where you place your hands and feet will profoundly impact your stability and balance, making it vital to observe and decide on the fly.

Making these decisions about where to reach and step will become instinctual over time, and you’ll become more familiar with your body.

6. Climbing inside is a year-round activity
You can rock climb outside, and many climbers do – but joining a rock climbing gym makes this an all-season activity great for everyone from experienced rock climbers keeping their strength up in the winter to beginners just looking to try out a new hobby!

7. Meet new friends with similar interests
Rock climbers are a fun crew who are passionate about fitness, love adventure, and are always ready to try new things. Get into rock climbing and you might even make a few friends who are just like you.

8. It’s a lot of fun – plain and simple
Because what other reason is there to try something new, really?

Is Rock Climbing a Good Workout?
Rock climbing is a great workout that engages both large and small muscle groups (it strengthens the whole body) improves flexibility, coordination, balance, and endurance.

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