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The fast-growing online video interviewing platform hold the possibility of making the hiring process more manageable and efficient, more productive, and even more enjoyable, helping companies target candidates who have the skills and temperaments to be successful. Video interviewing range from broad personality.

1. Ducknowl 

Ducknowl is a Talent Screening and Assessment Platform, which makes the hiring process faster and smarter. The platform allows recruiters to conduct resume screening, video screening and skill assessment of applicants from one dashboard. The platform reduces the screening time by 70-80% and digitizes the process with inbuilt features like resume sorting, keyword matching, video screening, skill test,  proxy prevention, and results sharing. 

2. Screenable

Screenable is an efficient hiring tool that reduces your hiring workload by discarding long screening calls. Its three-step hiring process helps in refining and suggesting the top candidates befitting your requirements.


  • Instant screening candidates before calling them

  • Simple screen creation steps

  • Quick peer review

  • AI analysis

Plan: Paid, Free

3. Seeknspeak

Seeknspeak allows employers to invite a candidate by sharing a personal link. The platform provides a thorough description of candidates, including job experience, educational background, including information that makes you skip the resume assessment process. Its intuitive UI can find out the suitable candidates for you just as per your requirements.


  • Support session recordings

  • Feature panel interviews

  • Interview practice sessions

Plan: Free and premium

4. Live Video Interviews

Live video interviews empower employers and recruiters to create a branded video interview platform within two clicks. Easy to set up and cheaper to afford, the AI-based tool reduces the hiring time by narrowing down the candidates according to your specific needs. 


  • Intuitive algorithm to shortlist candidates 

  • Support mobile device

  • Reduce chasing after uninterested candidates

Plan: Paid, Free

5. Venterview

It is an online video interview tool for employers and candidates that allows easy scheduling and receiving multiple video interviews at once. You can conduct or attend an interview anytime and anywhere and pass it to your team.


  • Support Synchronous and asynchronous interviews

  • Create pre-recorded messages

  • Create question library

  • Support session recording for future reviewing

Plan: Paid, Free

6. VidRecruit

Video Recruit is another excellent video interview software that features automation technology to make your hiring process easier and faster. Its highly sophisticated screening process can easily detect the top applicants and eliminates uninterested candidates.


  • Automation technology for candidate screening

  • Live video interview

  • Interview management

  • Support pre-recorded messages
  • Price: Paid, Free

7. Sparkhire

Spark Hire is used by more than 6000 organizations across the world. It allows you to create the best one-way video interviews to set your custom questions and share them with candidates. It also supports one-on-one interviews with live evaluations and selections.


  • Supports both one-way and live video interviews

  • Live interview evaluation

  • Interview collaboration with team

Plan: Paid and Free

8. Cammio

Cammio is a cloud-based video recruitment platform that makes hiring more personal, fun, and faster. You can single-handedly overview a candidate, compare the profile with other candidates and check out all details on the same screen.


  • Create and share video messages on the spot

  • Create personalized video interviews with company logo and name

  • AI-powered predictive analysis

Plan: Paid

9. FaceCruit

FaceCruit is a technology-driven recruitment tool offering significant benefits to candidates and employers alike. You can choose the option that permits candidates to answer each question only once, just like in-person interviews. It lets you explore your top talents from a large pool of candidates with clear pictures and more insights about potential employees. 


  • Record interview sessions for reviewing later

  • Personalize with your company logo

  • Pre-screening candidate’s anywhere 24X7

  • Share and rate your candidates

Plan: Paid, Free

Final thought
Apart from breaking the geographical and time barrier, virtual interview software also reduces the overall recruitment budget by up to 80 percent. This allows talent acquisition more efficiently, cheaper, and more manageable. It facilitates easy interview scheduling, preparing customized questions, interview templates, and shortlisting top candidates with better analytical insights. In short, it makes the whole recruitment process a well-oiled machine.


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