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From intelligent American curls to affectionate German Spitz, pets have been playing an essential role in our lives, improving mental health and encouraging us to share love. More and more people enjoy owning a tailed friend and spending money for their food, clothing, care, etc.

Not surprisingly, with the rapid development of e-commerce, print on demand pet products have become one of the most promising niches for small online businesses.

Keep reading this article to learn interesting industry statistics, find valuable insights for your online shop, and discover potential dropshipping partners.  

The pet ownership has increased from 56% to 68% over the last 30 years. The COVID pandemic directly impacted this growth as people spent more time at home with their little friends instead of traveling. As a result, they began making more online purchases, from POD dog clothing to toys and accessories to please their beloved mates.

At the same time, pet owners now demonstrate more enthusiasm for learning about animal health issues. Such a rise in responsibility becomes a driving force for the pet care products industry.

Customizable items that emphasize individuality are another tendency among modern online buyers. Shopping for pet market trends is easier than ever with thousands of online retailers who can turn any custom idea into real-life, from personalized cat tags and bowls to dog shirts, jackets, and sweaters.

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) report, the value of the pet industry in the USA reached $136.8 billion in 2022, while the global market is currently worth close to $261 billion. It is projected that people will spend nearly $350 billion on goods for their little companions by 2027.

More than 66% of inhabitants in the USA alone have at least one animal in 2023. Around 65 million Americans have a dog as a part of their family, making them the most popular type of owners across the country. Cats keep second place in this ranking, with almost 45.6 million happy householders with furry-tiled mates.

According to Statista, pet supplies are one of the most lucrative niches in 2023 and will keep such positions in the following five years. Currently, the total number of pet enterprises has reached 12,807 and is expected to grow to over 13,100 by 2028.

The pet market is diverse and multifaceted, providing POD businesses with wide opportunities to create and test custom-printed pet products. You may either sell dog clothing on Shopify or develop personalized cat accessories and promote them on Etsy. Analyze, try, and gather customer reviews. And you’ll definitely find suitable options which bring the highest profit. To make a successful start for your company, you may choose some items from our top 9 list.


Every pet needs a hygienic and convenient bowl to eat and drink. Some owners may even organize food courts in several rooms or the yard. Customers will enjoy a great variety of merch and the possibility to choose suitable cat or dog bowls that will match their animals’ personalities. So this item is one of the must-haves in your online store. You can customize it by printing pet names on the surfaces and adding extra features like microwave-safe or dishwasher. Consider multiple color solutions and size options to drive clients’ interest in these dog trending products.

Bandana Collars

There is a proven method to make home animals even more cuter than they are by wearing unique accessories. Offer orange, green, red, and stylish black-and-white bandanas to suit every pet, from tiny chihuahua to gorgeous Old English Sheepdogs. Consider several sizes and adjustable buckle straps to make the product easy to use and slip on.

Some entrepreneurs offer limited free printables as a part of their marketing campaign. And you can also provide such promotions to popularize your brand.

Tank Tops

All caring owners want their pets to look cool. Some even purchase matching family-look apparel for photoshoots or walks in the park. Nowadays, custom tank tops are more than captivating fashion. They also help keep smaller friends warm on chilly summer evenings. Print on demand pet clothes is an invaluable necessity for toy terriers and sphinx cats. Make your clients forget old t-shirts by selling eco-friendly cotton products covering S-XL sizes at competitive prices.


Tags remain among the best-selling dropshipping pet products on the market as they carry two missions simultaneously. They were initially invented as a security measure, where owners write animals’ names and phone numbers. Such precautions help to return lost friends' homes. But now, when the industry introduced innovative digital tracking, tags have become a lovely pet accessory. Diversify your online store with glossy, both-sided printed items and surprise your audience with a unique, stunning design.


Comfortable and soft dog beds are the first manifestation of love for four-legged companions and one of the top 10 best-selling pet products. You may add standard one-colored solutions to your merchandise lists or spice them up with related prints like bones and paws. Consider simple examples or focus on supportive variants, like beds for animals with orthopedic conditions.

You may personalize items on your own or sell from home, delegating the fulfillment to such POD services as Printful.

print on demand pet products

Dog Collars

There can always be a few print-on-demand dog collars for owners who want their companions to be safe during outdoor walks and have a stylish look. Leather, cotton, and thermo elastomer are the most widespread materials for this crucial accessory. They are flexible, lightweight, and cozy for home pets. Cater to a broader audience, offering multiple design solutions.


Make your clients stay out on their daily walks with chic and exciting designs for dog harnesses. Sell colorful merch that is visible among green grass and snowdrifts. You may offer dirt and water-resistant items that are durable and easy to care for. The standard length lies between 4-8 feet. Commonly, 6 feet is the most usable one, which helps owners keep dogs under control and simultaneously gives them enough freedom.

Feeding Mats

Sometimes, the mealtime turns into a real mess with pet bowls capsizing and food scattering all over the kitchen floor. Ensure the maximum comfort and order of this everyday procedure by offering feeding mats to your buyers. Designed in a great variety of shapes, such print on demand dog products have a non-slip bottom and a highly absorbent foam structure, allowing for simple and pleasant cleanup.


Warm hoodies may be the right one to add to your assortment if you are looking for top pet products to sell online. Furry friends like comfort wherever they are: at home or outdoors (just like their owners). Add some creativity to the design and introduce high-quality clothing for dog owners. Don’t forget about safety. Use nontoxic inks and eco-friendly materials to ensure an excellent customer experience with your brand


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