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Anywhere there is moisture and oxygen, mould and mildew can grow. Mould is a fungus that usually grows on dead vegetation, often just very small amounts of vegetable debris can be enough for mould spores to land on start the process. They can be carried into your home in the air, by wind or breezes, on pets or pests, the best way to get rid of mould is to call a mould cleaning firm from Brisbane.

Moulds can grow on timber, wet surfaces, carpet, behind rockwall, in the ceiling and areas such as damp bathrooms and basements, under the kitchen sink and cabinets if these areas are not well ventilated and you have a dripping tap or water pipe.

The top benefits of using a mould cleaning service in Brisbane:


Exposure to mould can cause a range of health problems, especially for children and the elderly, but they also affect people of all ages promoting respiratory conditions and allergic reactions. Most asthma and childhood allergies can be directly attributed to dust from mite droppings and the mould that grows on them because of moisture in the home.

When people are exposed to mould, they can experience headaches and general body irritation, irritation in the nose, throat, lungs and eyes, sneezing, coughing and dizziness as well as shortness of breath and itchiness.

Reduced property damage

If mould is allowed to grow unchecked, it not only reduces the air quality in the home, but can cause considerable damage to anything it grows on as it eats and degrades it. Mould destroys timbers and causes rot, breaks down carpet and can even damage plastic water pipes and electrical wiring over time causing them to become brittle and unsound.

Mould is spread by spores, they rapidly reproduce and spread quickly. Once mould gets a hold in your home it becomes very difficult to control or eradicate. The best way to control mould is to remove any excess moisture from the home. Professional mould cleaning companies from Brisbane have the proper equipment and experience to remove mould from your home and protect your investment from the damage it can cause.

An experienced and qualified contractor will be able to rid your home of mould and advise you on the thing you need to do to keep it away. They often use deodorizers to reduce the odour that is produce by mould as they clean the area, remove moisture and treat the mould

A proper and professional mould removal helps in removing the maximum risk of mould growth again in the future. You won’t need to spend again for the expensive products used in the process or call the professionals again

If you are considering selling your property, it’s important to ensure you don’t have any signs or smell of mould present as this will be something potential buyers will look for

Removing mould and the source of that mould is very difficult and requires specialized knowledge and equipment. If you leave it untreated, it will eventually spread all around your home making the place unlivable. By using the services of a mould cleaning service from Brisbane you are making an investment in your family’s health as well as increasing the value of your property. Mould eradication is not something that can usually be done without the help of a professionals.


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