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When it comes to managing deliveries for customers, companies need to operate as efficiently as possible. Mishandled shipments can have serious consequences for a business.

Delivery management software helps to avoid such problems by incorporating tracking and real-time visibility. It provides accurate insights of the current status of all orders and allows you to make the best decisions for last mile deliveries.

Real-time Tracking

Having a real-time tracking system helps businesses and delivery boys keep track of orders. This helps businesses provide better service to their customers and ensures they receive their order on time.

A delivery management software can also help companies reduce the risk of theft and other loss. It can also identify delays and bottlenecks in the supply chain.

This can help companies spot problems before they occur and take corrective action. It can save them money and prevent delays.

A delivery management solution also helps dispatchers and managers keep an eye on drivers on the road, allowing them to quickly re-assign or advertise new jobs. It also allows for efficient route planning.

Automated Scheduling

One of the top benefits of using delivery management software is its automated scheduling features. These can save you time and effort by automatically placing employees in shifts based on their availability, overtime limits, and ability to perform their job roles.

Automated scheduling software also helps your business maintain compliance with all labor laws. The software uses a scoring system to assign numerical values to things like schedule conflicts and staff unavailability, then tests different solutions until it finds the best fit.

Having easy-to-use and intuitive delivery scheduling software can boost employee engagement, which is essential for a healthy company culture. When employees are happy, they will do more to help your business grow and prosper.

Automated Pickups

The automated pickup features of delivery management software make it easier for your staff to focus on more crucial tasks, like customer service and ordering. They also help you manage last-mile delivery.

During peak seasons, such as Easter or Valentine’s Day, your business may need to quickly scale up its drivers and vehicles to handle surges in orders. Circuit’s Dispatch plan can easily accommodate this demand by optimizing routes and managing driver schedules.

This way, you can ensure your drivers don’t waste time and fuel by idling in traffic or taking long breaks in between deliveries. It also offers real-time route progress and accurate ETAs to keep your customers happy.

Customer Service

With the on-demand economy growing, businesses are increasingly focusing on delivering goods faster and better. This has led to the rise of delivery management software, which streamlines last-mile deliveries.

Delivery management tools like Locate2u can help you improve customer service by providing accurate ETAs and live updates on delivery status. This helps keep customers engaged and encourage repeat purchases.

Another feature is real-time driver tracking, which can help you keep your customers informed about their delivery, especially during delays.

A good DMS also tracks and analyzes key delivery metrics, such as total number of deliveries, lateness, % of failed deliveries, and % of completed deliveries. This data can be used to identify any issues with a delivery process and improve it in the future.

Inventory Management

One of the most important features of Delivery Management Software is its ability to accurately track inventory. This can help businesses maintain the right balance between storage and sales capacity.

It also reduces the chances of inventory errors and shortages, resulting in satisfied customers and increased sales. It also helps you to plan stock replenishment strategies for upcoming periods, so your business can continue selling.

Another feature of delivery management software is the ability to plan routes and optimize deliveries based on demand. This can help you make sure your drivers have enough time to deliver every order.

It also lets you see driver and vehicle performance so that you can make improvements if needed. This can help you avoid costly delays and improve your ETAs.

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