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Top Books With Tips on Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Depression

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There are many kinds of anxiety. It could be anything from being nervous about an interview to going on a first date. You might also worry about giving a friend money, taking tests, or waiting for the results of a medical test. Unfortunately, the world is full of more things that make us worry than things that make us feel better.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that as many as 40 million adult Americans have some kind of anxiety disorder. So that's about one in five people.

Anxiety is caused by many things, such as genes, personality traits, life events, and how the brain works. However a book with tips with guided meditation for anxiety and depression will help you.

How You Can Treat Anxiety

Anxiety can be treated with guided meditation for anxiety and depression, but only about 37% of people who have it do so. The other part chooses to keep quiet about their pain. But most people don't know this, but anxiety disorders are contagious. For example, it's hard to live a normal life when you live with someone who has post-traumatic stress disorder. Without help, you will also become depressed because you will spend so much time worrying about your partner.

The person with it has many more health problems to worry about. In addition, anxiety makes you less productive at work, hurts your social life and relationships, and makes you feel less good about yourself. There are a lot of books about anxiety that you can read to stop your mind from racing. Let's take a look at ten of these books.


10% Happie By Dan Harris

Dan Harris, a news anchor who often had panic attacks while on air, wrote the book 10% Happier. Dan says that whenever he had a panic attack, meditation helped him feel better. In this book, he explains how mindfulness meditation can help people with anxiety, especially panic attacks, feel better.

This book has tips with guided meditation for anxiety and depression is for you if you're a skeptic who always has to fight against voices in your head that try to talk you out of doing something that makes you happy. The author tells many real-life stories, most of which were scary things that happened to him on the job.


The Stress-Proof Brain by Melanie Greenberg

Reading about how people like Dan Harris overcame anxiety is enough to make you feel better. But reading a book about anxiety written by a psychologist is even more helpful. Melanie Greenberg is a licensed psychologist who works with people to help them deal with anxiety and depression.

Melanie deals with her anxiety in a very practical way. She says in The Stress-Proof Brain that stress is a normal part of life that we can't get rid of. We can only deal with it, though. She then gives some very effective ways to deal with stress, most of which are based on neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness.


The Perfectionism Workbook by Taylor Newendorp

The Perfectionism Workbook by Taylor Newendorp has a lot of tips you can use to keep getting better. Taylor points out that our desire to do well can help us succeed, but it can also put too much pressure on us and stop us from making real progress.

In this book, the author gives tips that will help you change how you think about yourself and set healthy and attainable goals. In addition, the book gives an overview of perfectionism and how it's more of a dream than a reality.

You'll learn the five habits that lead to toxic perfectionism, including needing approval, inaction, paralysis, procrastination, fear of making mistakes, being very hard on yourself, and judging yourself and others.

The Perfectionism Workbook then goes on to give some tips on how to stop doing these things.

When Panic Attacks by David D. Burns

Anxiety feeds on deceit. Most of the time, anxiety is never a good thing. But these feelings can be so strong and overwhelming that they can feel real. For example, if you're afraid of failing a job interview, you'll always find a million reasons you don't fit the bill. You might not know it, but you might be the person the recruiter wants.

David D. Burns's book on guided meditation for anxiety and depression helps people come out of their fear of stress and anxiety. In this book, David Burns shows you how to deal with your fears, phobias, and panic attacks in a real way. In addition, the book helps you realize that anxiety is just an illusion that keeps you from living in the real world.


Meditation For Anxiety and Stress Relief By Faye Quinn

When she was in middle school, she had her first anxiety attack. After that, anxiety and stress were always a part of her life. Since then, Faye's life seemed to get worse until she learned about the power of meditation. Rest was left behind. Meditation for Anxiety and Stress Relief is Faye Quinn's story of how she dealt with anxiety and stress for a good part of her life and how meditation helped her a lot. This book guides everyone, showing them how to meditate in different ways.

Monkey Mind By Daniel Smith

Monkey Mind is more like a storybook about getting over anxiety, written by someone who has been there and done that. He says Daniel Smith used to have anxiety, which slowed him down in life.

Monkey Mind's author talks about his anxiety struggles and how he overcame them. This makes the book very real and easy to relate to. And the fact that Smith sometimes uses humor to make his points makes the book both interesting and fun to read. So even if you don't use any of the tips in the book, Monkey Mind will often make you laugh, which is a great way to calm down.


Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety by Robert Duff

Robert Duff says that reading a book that has guided meditation for anxiety and depression will help yourself. It doesn't have to feel like a chore if you have anxiety. So, when writing this book about anxiety, the author did something different. Like the Monkey Mind, Hardcore Self-Help is full of funny parts, which makes it another great choice for people who want to read a fun book about anxiety. Unfortunately, throughout the book, the author uses many bad languages.

But there's more to Hardcore Self Help than just funny jokes and bad language. This helpful guide has tips on figuring out what causes anxiety and how to fight it with the tools you already have.

On Edge By Andrea Petersen

On Edge is a book about dealing with a racing heart, overwhelming fear, panic disorder, and any other feeling that makes you tense and nervous. At age 20, the author, Andrea Peterson, was told she had an anxiety disorder. But even before that, she had a lot of panic attacks that pushed her closer and closer to the Edge.

Andrea's condition was getting so bad that she got angry at every strange feeling. She then went on a journey to learn about and control her illness. In this book, Andrea gives personal advice on how to deal with anxiety before it pushes you over the Edge.

Wrap Up

Stress and Anxiety are already bad enough. But if the condition isn't treated, it could lead to things that can't be fixed. Thank goodness you can buy one of the books discussed here to help keep anxiety at bay. You can read these books on guided meditation for anxiety and depression to overcome your stress.



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