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PPC (Pay-per-click) is an online advertising channel in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads. You can expose your services or products to specific demographics, geographic locations, and other criteria to ensure that your ideal audience sees your ads. 

PPC ads usually appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) or in a sidebar on the right-hand side with an “Ad” label next to the URL to indicate that they are paid ads. They can be text- or images, including a headline, a short description, and a call to action.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), when performed correctly, can be a great way to increase traffic and conversions alike. But with so many components to consider when launching a PPC ad campaign, it’s easy for marketers to make mistakes. Here is a list of the most common mistakes marketers make when implementing their PPC campaigns.

Not Having Goals

If you don’t have a clear goal while setting up a PPC campaign, it will be difficult to track your progress and result. To launch a successful online advertising campaign, you need to develop a strong PPC strategy with specific goals. In fact, setting clear goals, KPIs, and timelines should be the first step in building any PPC strategy. Once you decide on the goal of your campaign, it’s easier to plan a strategy, choose the right keywords, and create impactful ad copy. 

Improper Use of Keywords

If you aren’t using the correct keyword match type, you are wasting your valuable time and resources on those ads. If you use too broad of search terms, you may get lots of clicks but no conversions. And if you use specific keywords, you mightn’t reach anyone at all. Ideally, you should find keywords that a lot of people are searching for, and without a lot of competition.

Not Optimizing Ad Copy

The one thing that connects your potential customer and your website is your ad. Most of us spend lots of time and energy creating great landing pages, budgets, and keywords but ignore ad copy. Write engaging ad copy and add targeted keywords that show relevance to users’ search queries and make them want to click through and convert. 

Limited Daily Budget

Your PPC campaign relies absolutely on an appropriate budget. We all know that keywords play a vital role in reaching the target audience online but the budget attached to them will make a big difference in your PPC campaign results. With PPC, the cost and amount of the action (conversion or lead) you get depends on your bid in the ad auction. If your bid is too low, you may be going to have a low amount of exposure and not get enough results.

Issues with Landing Pages

Landing pages are the most crucial part of PPC campaigns. Creating an appealing landing page is an important tactic because It is the first page your users will see when they click on your ad before being redirected to your website. A bad design landing page means you’re spending a lot of money to show people a bad site that reduces your quality scores and trustworthiness.

Not Testing Results

The “set it and forget it” tactic is not effective in online marketing today. A/B testing is an essential part of managing PPC campaigns because the results offer a clear indication of what works and what doesn’t. A simple change of a word or color scheme can make a noticeable difference and boost your conversion rate. Make sure you are regularly measuring and testing each campaign, and try new things until you get the results you want.

If these common mistakes are overlooked, it may only cost you negative results. By checking in on campaigns regularly, diving deeper into the settings and targeting options, and constantly implementing new campaign ideas, you can avoid these common PPC management mistakes and run a successful campaign. If you need any help regarding your PPC Advertising strategy, feel free to contact Swayam Infotech and schedule a meeting for a detailed discussion.  



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