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The creator economy is skyrocketing with individuals turning to content creation platforms to share skills and expertise in the hope to make income out of it. A report by SignalFire estimates a total of 50 million people to join the creator economy in the coming years. Free content creation platforms have enabled individuals to display their talent to the world. The creator economy is not only benefitting brands anymore but also the creators––amateurs and professionals alike––are generating income out of it. So much so as people are quitting their jobs to pursue content creation as their full-time source of income.

To empower content creators and provide streamlined monetization opportunities, content monetization platforms are on a rise. There are several content monetization tools in the market to enable income generation with ease. Let’s get a deeper understanding of the multiple platforms available and which one is the best for you as a content creator:

Top Content Monetization Platforms To Look Out in 2021

They say if you’re good at something, never do it for free. And it holds true to artists, writers, and anyone who creates something in the form of art, music, photography, and the like. Here are some of the top content monetization platforms:

1. Retrieve

Retrieve is a platform to share expert multimedia guides with your followers. You can interact with your followers in the form of videos and PDFs created by you, share links, build a community, hold live sessions or group sessions, and even have a one-on-one interaction in the form of video, audio or text. Retrieve goes one step above the regular courses and provide in-depth expert information in the form of guides. It is an advanced training app on which you can offer your followers focused, inexpensive guides to solve their problems.

There is no cost for initial guide building. Creators have to generate content without worrying about the algorithm because unlike other platforms, Retrieve does not need any specific number of views to start the monetization. Therefore publishing content on Retrieve is a quicker and more straightforward way to earn income. In addition to that, the platform does not earn money until the creator starts earning. Retrieve will help you determine the best products and tools according to your audience and set of skills. It helps you build a promotional plan to ensure you have a steady revenue stream.

2. YouTube

YouTube is often the first content monetization platform that new creators go to. You can monetize the videos through ads and earn 55% of the ad revenue through it. Other monetization options include channel memberships, SuperChat––a way in which subscribers can support creators in the form of donations, and sponsorships received from brands.

YouTube’s Creator Studio lets you track revenue and an in-depth look at the analytics, including the watch-hours, gender and age of the viewers, etc. While YouTube can be an easy and popular option for earning income for a content creator, there are a few limitations such as the regular change of policies that might change your rankings overnight. The interaction with your fan base on YouTube is limited and you have to use multiple platforms to chat and connect with the viewers.

3. Facebook

Similar to YouTube, Facebook too provides 55% of the revenue for the ads you play in between your videos. Facebook started the content monetization for publishers feature much later than YouTube but it is performing well. Facebook continually updates its algorithm policies and it might become difficult for the organic content to rank. In addition to that, the chances of your videos getting lost due to busy feeds therefore acquiring lesser viewership is highly likely.

Facebook has a dashboard to view insights on videos and revenue. To check whether you are eligible for monetization and learn how to use their content monetization tools: Go to the Facebook Creator Studio – Select the Monetization tab – Click on Overview.

4. Twitch

Twitch is a livestreaming platform that majorly focuses on the livestreaming of video games and broadcasts of Esports competitions. However, it also is a platform to share creative content, music broadcasts and “in real life” live broadcasts. Twitch’s Just Chatting feature has allowed the viewers to directly interact with the streamers, making it more than a livestreaming platform.

Twitch’s content monetization tools such as subs (subscriptions), gifted subs, emotes, donations, and ads have turned it into a content monetization platform. Similar to YouTube, Twitch has limited information on its viewers but they can still track analytics using the Twitch dashboard.

5. Instagram IGTV

IGTV has become a strong monetization tool for content creators. It is a way to share lengthy videos with the audience such as video guides, interviews, dance/music performances, snippets from drama/film, etc. IGTV videos are usually educational, as they allow you to upload a video of 15 minutes long. With IGTV Ads, you can run ads between your videos. For the same, you need to ensure you’re using a Creator account on Instagram. Under Settings, go to Creators – IGTV Ads – Get Started. The earnings will depend on the number of views you yield.

You are eligible to earn 55% of the ad revenue generated per view with the monthly release of the payment. You can find the monetization metrics under insights once you enable the ads. Please note that IGTV Ads are currently available only to a bunch of creators based in the US, UK & Australia.

Final word

Content monetization for publishers is on a rise with more and more platforms helping creators monetise their content hassle-free. While a few platforms allow the creators to interact with their followers, a few are more likely a podium to create content and earn income primarily. Depending on your marketing strategy and how you plan on interacting with your audience, pick a content monetization platform that suits your requirements.

We at Retrieve believe that interacting with the followers and providing them with in-depth guides not only generate revenue but also make you stand out as a thought leader in society. With Retrieve’s features such as live sessions, FAQs, one-on-one chats, etc., interaction with the followers becomes easy. A few of the Retrieve’s features include translation of the guides, smart search, and the automatic picking of the important keywords from your guides.

Content monetization platforms are a portal to revenue generation for creators, but as you pick a platform, ensure it provides you flexible features other than merely being a standardised solution. You may also want to consider hidden costs or limitations while you pick a platform. We recommend checking out our products at Retrieve to get the best content monetization tools for your new journey.


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