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Selecting the right hoist for industrial lifting is important to ensure safe lifting, long product life, and economic liveliness. Multiple factors are considered which helps you decide the type of hoist lift that you must choose.

Application of the right kind of hoist is important due to its replaceability factor. It requires time and money to decide the hoist and once fitted, it would be problematic to replace it. Follow the factors given below that would help you decide the right hoist model.

Types of hoist

The first thing you need to determine is the type of hoist best suitable for your application. There are three types of hoists – Manual, lever, and electric chain hoist (ECH).

The manual hoist is used for manual lifting workload, Lever hoists for pulling and fixing loads given its more flexible nature and electric hoist is used for higher loads as compared to the other two types.

Holding ability

Another important factor when it comes to selecting your hoist is its holding power or capacity. For hoists, the rated capacity must be higher than the heaviest load that you expect to lift.

The structure where the hoist would be suspended should also be strong enough to hold the load. Choosing a higher capacity in comparison to the actual load will make the hoist last longer, but the initial purchase would be higher.

Lifting speed

Lifting speed is only applicable in the case of electric hoists. Lifting speed is crucial when selecting the right hoist. Faster lifting speed is required for longer distance lifts or longer applications that include multiple lifting-lowering cycles.

Type of suspension or trolley

If you opt for chain lifts, then you also need to choose the type of suspension that you would use along with that hoist. Your chain hoist can either be suspended from a fixed location or seated over a trolley. As hooks are fixed, they don’t allow for any movement in cross-section. On the other hand, you can make use of trolleys available in different types.

Power supply

Again only for electric hoists, the voltage may vary for different regions, but there are single-phase power-operated hoists and three-phase power-operated hoists. Single-phase is more suitable for lighter loads, while with the three-phase, you have higher chances of lifting heavy.

The three-phase electric hoists are more commonly used as compared to the single-phase power-operated hoists.

Besides the factors mentioned above, there are several other factors such as mechanical brakes or overload limit etc. – depending on the differing lifting needs.

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