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Modern business has evolved to incorporate several elements of an organization. We can no longer envision a company acting in a vacuum and operating independently. Insurance, especially, has always seen the decentralization of processes with a milieu of on-field and in-office employees. Given that insurance brokers play a significant role in the organization, it is necessary to make them an integral part of the company. And while at one point it felt like a challenging task, tools like insurance broker software are making it happen.

If your organization is looking to invest in an insurance broker management software, keep your eyes peeled for the following features as they will add more value to your business:

Actionable Lead Management System

Insurance brokers handle leads day in and day out. Every lead corresponds to a sales opportunity, which you can capitalize on if you play your cards right. However, managing leads manually makes it susceptible to errors. Hence, look for an insurance brokerage software that comes with lead management capabilities. By empowering them in this sphere, you will be making the most out of your leads, turning them into prospects, and converting them into paying customers. It will also extend your broker’s lead capturing actions and help you acquire more clients.

Email and SMS Marketing

Simply capturing large volumes of leads is not enough. As we mentioned previously, you need to nurture them to make them sales-ready. And for this, you need to develop a reliable marketing strategy. Rather than depending on a single marketing channel, brokers now reach out to prospects over various media, with email and SMS being the most popular modes. An insurance broker management software that can integrate these channels can lay the foundation for marketing uniformity and efficiency. As a result, your customer would gain more value at every touchpoint. Insurance broker software also introduces automation in the routine or event-triggered tasks to take some load off of your broker’s shoulders.

Smooth-Functioning Policy Management Tool

Updating your insurance brokers regarding any policy changes is a time-consuming process. Plus, it requires that you have well-established pre-existing channels of communication. Through an insurance brokerage software, you not only get secure ways to communicate with your brokers but can also update them on the changes in policies through a single click. At the same time, all the incoming policies will be readily available in real-time over a central location, and anybody with authorization can access them. Thus, you can stay ahead on all policy matters, such as policy renewal dates, policy duration, premium calculations, and more.

Insurance Commission Tracking

When it comes to the time and effort put in by the brokers, it all boils down to the commission that they earn against it. Plus, it is a more tangible way to view performance and derive motivation to work harder. With an integrated insurance commission tracking tool, brokers can use the insurance broker software to keep track of the commission earned and its corresponding payment status. With its commission tracking capabilities, insurance broker management software also ascribes accountability and transparency through its powerful reporting capabilities.


In this tech-centric world, it has become all the more vital to maintain relevancy through products like insurance broker software. An insurance broker software is a medium to empower and educate your insurance brokers and improve their capacity. It streamlines their processes and offers data-driven inputs, which improves their efficiency. Most importantly, it makes them feel like a valid and active part of your organization, which is a human aspect worth considering as it instills confidence and is bound to make them perform better.



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