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Currently, the popularity of ready mix concrete is on the rise. An increasing number of people are choosing this over the conventional concrete options. It is because of several benefits offered by this ready mixed concrete. If you have not previously used this option and are looking forward to using it for the first time, then there are certain things which you need to know.

So, to make your work easy, we have prepared this detailed guide in which you will get to know about the top FAQs about this concrete option. Let's begin our discussion to clarify all of your related doubts.


What Is Ready Mix Concrete?

It is considered a concrete type mixed explicitly as per the client's specifications within a batch plant. Once prepared, this concrete mix is delivered to the site of construction, where it is used immediately.

The mixing of the requested proportions of cement, aggregates and water are done offsite. The concrete supplier you choose for delivering your ready mixed concrete will only charge you for the amount of concrete you will use. So, they will focus on mixing the concrete to your exact specifications.

What Are The Major Distinctions Existing Between Normal Concrete And Ready Mix Concrete?

The main difference between the normal and ready mixed concrete lies in the mixing location. Generally, the ready mix concrete is mixed offsite, and the delivery of this concrete occurs at the construction site in a specialist vehicle.

Therefore, the main benefits of getting these concrete solutions involve a quicker turnaround, better quality assurance, etc. On the other hand, the delivery of the normal concrete takes place in its component parts. So, this particular type of concrete will need mixing onsite.

What Are The Advantages That You Can Get With Ready Mix Concrete?

This concrete option tends to have several significant advantages, as mentioned below:

  • It is possible to effectively control the system used to produce this type of concrete so you can quickly achieve high product quality.
  • The cost is lower in this case as you will not have to spend money storing any raw materials. And again, you do not have to worry about buying these raw materials separately.
  • It is known to be an eco-friendly option to choose specifically because of the reduction in material wastage compared to normal concrete.
  • Ready mixed concrete helps in effectively saving time as you will be able to deliver pre-mixed concrete to your construction site. So, the people requiring it can use this straight away.

How To Calculate The Amount Of Ready Mix Concrete You Will Require?

It is straightforward to calculate the amount of concrete mix you will need to accomplish your construction job. Many of the professional ready mix concrete Essex suppliers provide you with the option to calculate this easily as they have online concrete calculators on their website. You can use this concrete calculator to determine the exact amount of concrete required for your project.

How Is This Ready Mix Concrete Prepared?

Now, we will see how this type of concrete is being prepared. First of all, cement and water are formed into a paste. After that, it is used to coat and bind the aggregates together, including sand and rocks. It tends to create the mass, which is known as concrete.

To achieve a durable product, you will require to balance these proportions perfectly. But, one of the most important things to ensure in this aspect is that it has the right amount of workability. Generally, the cement manufacturing will occur in batches in a plant before being mixed in transit to the construction site.

What Is Ready Mix Concrete Generally Utilized For?

It can be used for many different purposes, including road developments, civil engineering projects, bridges, foundations, floors, walls, bases, footpaths, and driveways. You can use this particular concrete option for any construction project that needs a durable material. So, by opting for this specific option, you can significantly benefit from its convenience and strength.

How To Prepare For Working With Ready Mix Concrete?

Although the concrete mix is pre-prepared on your behalf, you still need to prepare your site for its arrival. Before it arrives, you should make sure that there is enough space on the site for storing this. Also, ensure that you possess all the necessary tools and safety clothing to work with this concrete. All of these will help you use this concrete safely and professionally.

Wrapping Up

We hope all of your doubts about the ready mixed concrete are now cleared, and you can go for this option whenever you need it. Are you looking for a reliable ready mix concrete supplier? If yes, you should look no further than RMS Concrete. They will provide you with the best quality of concrete mix tailored to your project's requirements.


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