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Golf equipment manufacturers are a special breed. Obsessed with technology, advanced materials, and professional input, they are never content.

It must be a curse for them, but it is a blessing for you and other golfers, because every year you get to reap the rewards of their new releases.

This year is no different – let’s take a closer look at some of the top new golf shafts for drivers for this year.

For Stability: 2024 Ventus
At the heart of the new for 2024 Fujikura Ventus is the company’s VeloCore Technology, which as before, produces unbelievable stability without compromising sensitivity.

Actually, Fujikura calls this new iteration VeloCore+ Technology, a multi-material bias core made of ultra high-modulus, high-strength carbon fiber that vastly improves strength, loading, stability, and feel.

What do you get? More consistent center face contact, greater control, tighter shot dispersion, and fast ball speeds that equate to greater range.

For Speed: HZRDUS Smoke Green HULK
The Smoke Green “HULK” is the stiffest, strongest, fastest golf shaft in the HZRDUS Smoke lineup.

It is exceptionally strong, stiff, and stable, and produces the lowest launch and spin in the HZRDUS Smoke series, even surpassing the Smoke Black.

Appropriately named the “HULK,” the Smoke Green produces low spin and low-launching, straight, penetrating drives that achieve greater carry distance.

For Consistency: TPT Golf Shafts
Eye-catching in black, yellow, and red, TPT Golf Shafts produce much more than visual allure. The engineers behind the scenes have produced shafts that have no “spine” which sounds like a bad thing until you realize what it is.

Spine refers to the minor inconsistencies in shafts that create unwanted oscillations during the swing cycle, harming feedback, resulting in less-than-optimal club face contact, and exacerbating shot dispersion.

With these shafts, you don’t get that. You just get extreme consistency – to the points that shafts of the same profile from batch to batch are indistinguishable.

For Control: Mitsubishi Kai’li White
The Mitsubishi Kai’li White is another low-launching, low-spin shaft; this one is made with MCA’s MR70, an extremely strong material that is specifically used to fortify the tip for stability.

On top of that, though, these shafts are not just engineered for long, straight drives. They are also designed for sensitivity and control.

The firm tip section creates more consistent center face contact, and the shaft is also designed to provide next-level feedback.

It’s made with a tapered butt design that increases sensitivity and feedback, and uses a super low-resin content prepreg that lightens weight and produces an exceptionally smooth feel.

For Balance: Fujikura Speeder NX Green
Last but not least we have the Fujikura Speeder NX Green, a low-launch, low-spin shaft that still manages to provide a high level of sensitivity.

This it does partially through its VTC, or “variable torque core,” which refines twisting at the core of the shaft, improving stability and sensitivity in one movement.

Fujikura also uses a proprietary system known as enso Analytics which captures 3D motions in golf shafts during testing, enabling them to develop more consistent, higher-performance technology and designs.

In sum, these shafts offer consistent center-face contact and face closure, helping you produce longer, lower, straighter drives without compromising on sensitivity through the shaft.

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