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When it comes to hiring funeral directors Camden, it is crucial to choose a successful director. Habits are the things everyone does when they are not paying attention. Habits require some awareness to be cultivated. Whilst some of these traits are natural to you, the others that do not come naturally are worth incorporating into your mental, physical and emotional routines as a funeral director. Because the sooner these habits are embraced, the sooner you will be on your way to becoming a successful director. Here are some habits of a successful director.

Willingness to keep up with industry trends

Successful directors know what is going on in the industry. They also have notifications when new trends come up. They keep their eyes on the industry’s growth as they are committed to it.

Great listening skills

When a family walks in the door, there is a high chance that a director knows what they are going to tell the client about their services and products. Sometimes, a director might find himself or herself looking for an opportunity in their conversation to present a prepared spiel. However, the problem comes in when you are thinking about your unique sales pitch and you are supposed to be listing to the problems of your clients.

Most often, families can tell when a director is truly listening or just trying to sell them. If you are really listening to the families, you will realise you will get a lot of opportunities to offer them your services. Funeral directors should therefore have good listening skills. Good listening is among the easily forgotten habits that will bring a director from good to great.

If you want to ensure you are always listening, you should come prepared with un-canned questions that’ll get your families talking about your loved ones and their preferences. After you start listening, you will be surprised by how much your clients want to share with you.


In the funeral profession, it is very easy to get stuck in your ways. You can even get carried away and falsely believe you know how to get your job done. However, it is important to be curious. Curiosity will encourage other habits of a successful director.


This is an important habit that when you don’t have, you will not be successful in your career as a director. It is one thing to listen and it is another to hold space for someone and really hear where they are at and what they are going through. Empathy shouldn’t be confused with sympathy.

The ability to inspire

Good funeral directors Camden should be able to inspire. As a funeral director, you should be always trying to improve your value in the form of support. There is nothing wrong with that. When a family comes to you, they expect to see empathy from you. Listening and empathy are great tools. However, a great director builds on those skills to be able to encourage hope. Inspiring hope will allow you to connect with your clients in a way that other people can't.


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