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The Avatars are supposed to bring about a balance between the worlds, which is intriguing since each Avatar seems to have a different sense of normalcy. But the inconsistencies in the world view of each successive Avatar is not necessarily a bad thing. Everyone one of them has a progressive outlook that is well-suited in the time that they are supposed to lead.  Let’s check out the inconsistencies in Avatar.

 Avatar Yangchen  

Yangchen was a compassionate Air Nomad who was a strong advocate of world peace. She was dedicated to the ideal of world peace that for that, she was even ready to set aside the Air Nomads culture’s central theme that is pacifism. She spent her entire life dedicated to the people, protecting them from wars and spirits. It is no surprise that after her death, people in the Earth Kingdom built shrines in her name and prayed to her for protection. It was because of years of dedication and prioritization of human life over spirits, that got her so much reverence and respect.

 Avatar Kuruk   

Avatar Kuruk was a non-partisan and confident man who was wise enough to understand that the foundations laid by Yangchen were to be preserved. There is no doubt that Yangchen’s influence was crucial in bringing peace among humans, but her neglect of the spirits backfired as one of them infected Kuruk with spiritual illness. The spirits were able to drain him emotionally and physically, leaving him so weak that he was unable to be Avatar at times. To make matters worse, he even failed to save his love from the Face Stealer and died a premature death at the age of 33. He was unable to leave behind a lasting legacy since he was overshadowed by his predecessor Yangchen.

 Avatar Kyoshi

 Since very little was accomplished in Kuruk’s time because of his constant battles with the spirits, Kyoshi was born in a time of anxiety and conflict. She went through several hardships but became aware that to bring justice to the world, she would even have to resort to violence on occasions. She didn’t flinch in even killing someone if that was the right thing to do for the greater good. She always kept fighting for a just world and was very apprehensive of all the world leaders. Her methods paid off as she was able to restore the balance which she pursued so desperately. But some of her actions backfired as hostility grew in other nations.

 Avatar Roku

Avatar Roku was born in relatively peaceful times because of Kyoshi’s efforts of creating a just world. Although Roku was kind, his leadership qualities can be questionable because of his lack of decisiveness. His friend Sozin proposed to invade other nations which Roku never really decisively stopped him from doing. It proved to be costly later for him as he was left to die by his former friend, who went ahead with his plan instead of helping Roku. Sozu’s actions ultimately led to the start of the Hundred Year War, which was easily preventable if Avatar Roku had been more decisive in opposing Sozin’s sinister plans. It was a big failure of Roku for which the latter generations paid heavily. 

 Avatar Aang

Aang went through various trials and tribulations ever since he was little, but that didn’t make him bitter at all as he managed to remain kind. It was on his shoulders that the task of ending the hundred years war fell. He mastered three elements in a short time and managed to stop the hundred years war while remaining true to his pacifist upbringing. He firmly believed that balance was only possible in a united world and founded the Republic City so that people of all cultures can live together. He was able to preserve his lifestyle as well, but his most significant achievement was the end of the hundred-year long war which was achieved peacefully.

 Avatar Korra  

Aang’s successor, Korra, was able to master three elements at a very early age. She then moved to the Republic city to learn airbending under the tutelage of Aang’s son Tenzin. But even though she first started as a headstrong character, she struggled with many mental health issues, including depression. She also went through a period when she was disabled, but all of these challenges only molded her character to what she is now. All of the difficulties made her strong enough to face the growing unrest caused by the people who are not satisfied with Avatar Aang’s new world. But she still has a long way to go. Being the successor of Aang is going to be no easy task since his legacy is unforgettable; she will have to work hard to preserve the world that Aang has left behind.

The comparison goes on to show that there are no rigid ideological beliefs; one needs to follow to become the Avatar. The only thing that matters is caring for and protecting both the human and spirits worlds. The fact that Avatars share a soul becomes irrelevant in the light of the fact that they grow in different social and political conditions which shape their worldview for the better or for, the worse. The lack of rigidity allows each Avatar to lead the much-needed reforms of the age that they are born in. It is these inconsistencies and complexities of their characters that enable them to complement each other and make up for past mistakes.



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