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Top Investments in Q4 to Maximize Your Return and Minimize Your Risk

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Top Investments in Q4 to Maximize Your Return and Minimize Your Risk from Kenneth Hardison on Vimeo Watch this video if you re looking for investment ideas in Q4

The broadcast is now starting. All attendees are in listen only mode. Good afternoon, everyone. This is Eric with Elma. Welcome to today’s webinar. We have with us today, Steve Smith, who will be talking about mass tort investments in Q four. But before I turn it over to Steve, uh, just a couple quick housekeeping notes. Everyone is in listen only mode.

If you have a question, leave some time at the end of the presentation to answer questions, you may submit those questions through the questions tab, to the right of your screen. If anyone is having any audio problems, please let me know. And you can communicate with me directly through the chat function. Also, finally, a replay of this webinar will be available to PIL my members in the members toolkit,

Top Investments in Q4 to Maximize Your Return and Minimize Your Risk

and that usually appears some 24 hours after the close of the webinar. Was that taken care of? I’m going to turn it over to Steve. It’s all yours. Hello everybody. This is Steve Smith with Broughton partners. Uh, it’s a pleasure to be on here, um, on this today, as we’re at the end of 2019, you know,

I know I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from clients, different firms that are looking at their finances for the year. They’re closing their hair out. They’re also looking at their 2020 budgets for advertising and you know, something that’s really common is, you know, uh, firms that have had real successful years this year. And they’re looking to put a lot of their extra money into advertising,

um, early on before the close out of the year. And with a lot of recent things that have been going on in mass torts, different litigations that have settled, some that are settling or in the process of possibly settling has made it very attractive and brought a lot of attention on it. I’ve always specialized in working with firms that look to kind of take a more passive role and acquire mass tort cases and have them teamed up with leading firms that have seats at the table with these litigations,

um, as kind of like an investment model. So some of the things that I want to cover today are some of the most common asks questions, things that firms are looking to know about, uh, which are, you know, what are some of the newest merging mass torts? Um, what are some of the mature mass torts, what the difference of that means and why it’s beneficial to him,

um, you know, strategic plans, uh, diversifying and different ones, uh, putting together a budget and then also what to look for when you’re acquiring cases through different marketing companies, some questions to ask. And then also most importantly, to choosing a firm that you’re going to co-counsel with, that’s going to handle the litigation. So these are some of the things that I’m going to cover today on this call.

Mmm, there we go. Um, so some of the emerging mass torts that are brand new, um, the, you have the most attention. I want to kind of go over briefly just to kind of give like a general review on it. Some things that make them attractive and some things you should know, um, as you’re looking at some of these ports.

So Zantec is something that I’m very personally heavily involved in. And then following this one really closely, um, as you probably know, the Antech is a prescription and over the counter drug been in the market for about 35 years, uh, for heartburn. Mmm. They have been able to kind of dominate the market as being the safest alternative for, you know,

women and children, um, beating out proton pump inhibitors. Uh, recently a study came out where, what they did was they were testing Uranus people that took Zantac and found very high levels of in DMA. Um, so issued a huge recall on the product and kind of started the litigation here. Um, just some quick notes. And again, if anyone has any further questions of outside of what I’m asking you,

I’m always available to kind of go in more detail, but the kind of the smoking gun here is a fairly widely used drug, very safe you test Antech by itself. No MBMA um, this new study came out showing that high lows have in DMA in urine issues, a recall, um, where was their fault in this? Well, there was also a doctor released a paper,

Mmm, early in the eighties stating that he believed there was a link between Zantec and, uh, in DMA and causing cancer well causing cancer. Um, the manufacturers did communicate back to them on this. So they were completely aware of this and yet further testings or studies weren’t done. It was still, you know, sold over the counter. Um,

so that’s, that’s kinda where the, the blame is or the fault there. Mmm. As we’re speaking right now, there’s a JPL hearing to happen and we’re getting ready to figure out exactly when or where the MDL is gonna be. Um, it could be in New Jersey, could be in Florida. It could be your possibility for California. We will find out soon.

Um, I think what makes us really, really attractive and what people should look at is that this is so widely used Mmm. In DMA is the number one. It is the carcinogenic, what you would use if you’re looking to induce pardon a cancer on somebody. Mmm. And if you test Nantec by itself, you’re not going to see in DMA in it.

What happens is when it a very, very unstable molecule, when it goes into the body, uh, the molecule makes us with our enzymes and it kind of brings support, comes back, is in DMA and very high levels. Um, it is absorbed through the body in a very rapid, quick rate. And if you’re taking this on a regular basis,

obviously it’s going to create some sorts of cancers. Um, what’s really attractive. Is there an epidemiology or ology report that’s going to be coming out here shortly. It should be very favorable for us. Mmm. That mixed with what we already have kind of makes the science very good on this. And there’s not much the defense could do to really disprove that.

Mmm. So those are the main facts of it. There’s some great, great affirms. Think kindness, your leaders in the mass torts space, bomb Headland who got the $2 billion verdict on Roundup, Amy Wagstaff, Jennifer Moore, what’s Carerra I’ll stop. Uh, Cory Watson, 11 pap. I mean, the list is incredible. The firms that are a Hollis law firm that are getting involved in this litigation looking to take a leadership role.

Um, so those are things that I look at because everyone’s reviewing these. So when you see the powerhouses like that, do an evaluation on it and they love it and they invest in it and look to take a leadership role. That’s something that always makes it attractive for me. Juul is a, you know, an alternative to smoking cigarettes, the vape,

um, that it’s been widely, widely used. Uh, it’s taken over the schools. Um, it’s become a norm now for kids. There’s a lot of peer pressure with it. Um, I know personally at my nieces and nephews, a very young age, you know, caught with vapes schools are taken away less than right. Um, it’s been recently linked to some serious injuries.

It’s been kind of identified earlier on as a safer alternative than smoking cigarettes. Um, they have been accused of targeting children with some of their flavored cartridges. And now there are kids under the age of 18 that are getting hospitalized from using jewels. So recently the CEO has stepped down, he’s come out and said that it was absolutely not a of alternatives.

Um, this litigation does have an MBL. It’s also been split. Um, there’s a difference. It’s, it’s a mass tort and then it’s also a class action. Mmm. One of the things is, you know, who you’re going up against, um, it’s big tobacco invested in this, so they own a portion of it. So you’ve got a lot of financial backing behind this kind of handle these lawsuits.

Um, when you’re going after these cases, you’ve got to kind of split them into two categories, no matter how your marketing forum, you’re going to have your addiction cases, where it’s, you know, people that were young that were targeted and marketed to started using jewels and became addicted to them. And then you’ve got your injury cases and your injury cases or someone that was using Joe on a regular basis.

Um, as a result of that, got some sort of injury and, or is hospitalized. Mmm. Some of the things to know about this case or questions that are most commonly asked, if you look at the headline news and you see these stories of people that were hospitalized from it, what you’ll find out is they weren’t actually hospitalized from using Juul and the Juul cartridges.

Um, they were using black market cartridges in the Juul product container, um, that most commonly we’re carrying, uh, marijuana in them or, um, black markets flavors and things like that. Uh, talking with the leading firms that the physician themselves wellness during this litigation, uh, they still believe that if the original marketing done by Juul got these kids addicted to it,

they basically gave them the vessel. So they’re still on the hook as if got them hooked and using the Juul product, then taking a third party or using any other cartridge in it. There’s still liability there. Um, something to know about Juul is, um, if you are going after these cases and marketing for them, um, the percentages and the difference between the class action cases and the actual injury cases.

So when it comes to the Juul, going off of like say a hundred contracts, um, you’re most likely going to see anywhere from about 70 to 80 on an average 70, if you’re doing really good, um, eighties, when was the norm of injury or of addiction cases and typically about, I’m say 20% actual injury cases, um, this litigation,

what does make it attractive as again, it’s got some great firms behind it, um, and there’s big tobacco money. And then another driving force is all the headlines. There’s so much attention on this. And the fact that it’s targeting kids similar to tobacco and the impact that it has, but in the sense of picking mass torts does make it attractive.




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