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Meal prepping can make any week just a little bit easier. You spend one day making meals for the week, and you’re good to go. This frees up so much time in your schedule for other things besides wondering, “What’s for dinner?” Of course, every meal planner needs gear to get the job done and to keep their food fresh all week long (or longer). It’s all about maximizing efficiency, so you’re not stuck in the kitchen doing all the work you had intended to avoid. Here are a few essentials you need to help streamline your meal prep Sunday.

Try an Ice Tray for More Than Ice

Meal planning isn’t always about cooking and putting together meals all at once. It can be, but when you want to maximize freshness and variety, you might simply prep your ingredients ahead of time for easy cooking during the week. One piece of kitchenware that gets overlooked in meal planning is the ice tray. Sure, you can use it to make quality ice cubes, but there are so many other practical uses for this humble item. Use it to freeze flavor bombs, like broth and herb blends, or use it to keep sauces fresh until you need them. There’s nothing easier than cooking some pasta then tossing in a few “sauce cubes” in the mix to bring it all together.

A Container in Every Size

A premium reusable container is basically a meal planner’s best friend. These days, it’s super easy to find containers made specifically for meal planning. These are containers built to hold a single meal and usually have built-in dividers—and they’re perfectly stackable. As great as they are, diversity in meal planning is essential (this applies to food variety just as much as it does to container variety). Keep small containers for ingredient prepping and pick up sealable bowls for larger ingredients and meals (perfect for pasta salad). At the same time, don’t forget a large container for those meals and ingredients that don’t quite fit in the smaller containers. Plus, having a variety of food containers can make organizing your fridge and pantry much easier.

Simple Food Prep Tools

You don’t need to go overboard with the food prep tools, but there are a few essentials that make meal planning incredibly easy. Think kitchen tools like a mandoline slicer, vegetable and cheese shredders, and choppers. And don’t forget spiralizers for healthy veggie pasta dishes! The idea is to make slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing as quick and effortless as possible. When it comes to meal planning for the week, you don’t want to spend an hour or two just slicing and chopping. That’s no fun—and it can be hard on your wrist. So, why not make it as simple as possible with tools that do 95% of the work?

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