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Top Lingerie India at Zivame

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India's Top Lingerie Brand
With the goal of assisting women in comfortably and freely shopping for women's innerwear, Zivame was established in 2011. The company keeps developing and expanding, offering women a large assortment of cozy women's lingerie. We continuously work to provide you with the best, with the objective of giving every woman the choice, comfort, and confidence she deserves. We are now a one-stop shop where ladies may get almost anything related to undergarments. We are pleased to offer you a large assortment of stylish and cozy lingerie suitable for any woman, thanks to our partnerships with some of India's top lingerie brands. We will constantly strive to be inclusive and provide goods for all age groups and body types. 

Women's Clothing & Lingerie Online Shopping
Zivame‘s selection of women's lingerie is consistently impressive. There is lingerie available in a variety of sizes and forms. You may conveniently shop for any kind of lingerie from the comfort of your home on Zivame. Choose from a variety of items, including shapewear, sleepwear, lingerie sets, plus-size lingerie, bras, panties, and pregnancy clothing. Choose from push-up bras, cami bras, full coverage bras, wired, non-wired, padded, and non-padded t-shirt bras, bralettes, and more. With the abundance of online possibilities, you can never run out of options. You have a plethora of alternatives because our underwear comes in a variety of vivid colors, patterns, designs, and fits. 

Zivame's Selection of Pants
Zivame offers a wide range of premium lingerie sets online that are tailored to fit individuals of all shapes and sizes. Our selection of bras, knickers, maternity clothes, sportswear, nightwear, and shapewear is extensive. Numerous contemporary designs and styles are available in a range of colours and fits. These are the various kinds of undergarments that are available on our website.

Choose from a variety of chic and comfy bras on Zivame and wave goodbye to bra troubles. Our extensive selection of bras is constructed from premium materials that are flexible, breathable, and comfortable. Select the ideal fit and style from our elegant and stylish bra selection. For every event, choose from a variety of colors, styles, designs, and sizes. Our bras are made to provide the most comfort, support, and protection possible. Sports bras, t-shirt bras, support bras, wired bras, non-wired bras, maternity bras, strapless bras, padded and non-padded bralettes, seamless bras, and more are all available in our selection. Women can now get the ideal bras online in full coverage, lace, and double-layered alternatives to match any occasion and attire. 


T-shirt: Every woman's closet needs to include T-shirt bras. These are among the most often chosen bras by ladies. There are many different styles of these bras, including full coverage, wired, non-wired, cushioned, and double-layered alternatives. These bras are perfect for tight-fitting clothes and other ensembles since they are made to highlight and sculpt your form. Choose the ideal t-shirt bra for you from a variety of designs, hues, materials, fits, sizes, and styles!

Wired Bras: If you need more support, wired bras are also an option. For every kind of dress, wired bras are a great option because they perfectly sculpt your breasts. Zivame offers wired bras that are incredibly soft and comfy. They are made of different fabrics with securely attached wires.

Padded Bras: An attractive woman's best friend is a padded bra! Nowadays, these are among the most adored bras by ladies. They provide a clean appearance under any attire and are excellent for nipple coverage and fine contouring. For dresses that skim the body and tops that hug the body, padded bras are ideal. The stylish, fashionable, and well-padded, seamed cups provide better support. Bras with padding come in a variety of styles to make you look stylish and current, including wired, push-up, strapless, plunge, backless, cami, and t-shirt bras.

Cambi Bras: Sometimes referred to as Camisole bras, Cambi bras are the ones you pick for the most coverage. You can choose from a large variety of double-layered, single-layered, non-wired, and wired bras that are made to conceal cleavage.

Push-up Bras: Browse our selection of stylish push-up bras, which go great with dresses and low-neck blouses. In terms of style and fashion, push-up bras are a popular option. Select from stunning patterns, prints, and vivid colors to accentuate your figure and give your breasts a well-defined, contoured appearance.

Sports Bra: The best undergarments for ladies are unquestionably sports bras. Our sports bras are among the most comfortable bras available for women to pick from online, providing additional protection, comfort, and support. Racerback bras, compression bras, encapsulation bras, padded bras, youth sports bras, and more are all available in our sports bra selection. You can select from low-, medium-, and high-intensity bras depending on how active you are.

Maternity Bras: Pregnant and nursing ladies can choose from a wonderful selection of our maternity bras to ensure continued comfort. These bras don't hurt or press against the breast in any way. Maternity bras come in a variety of patterns, sizes, and styles.

Support Bras: Our support bras provide complete coverage and protection, and are ideal for women with large or heavy breasts. The breasts are fully covered and held in place by the large cups. For additional comfort and support, select between wired and cushioned alternatives.
Strapless Bra: We also carry strapless bras if that's what you're looking for! These bras, which support the breasts and are a fantastic choice for tube tops and sleeveless dresses, are designed to give off an invisible, immaculate image. Check out our selection of strapless bras, which includes lace, wired, padded and t-shirt styles.
Bralettes: One of the hottest styles of women's lingerie right now is the bralette. You may choose from a variety of breezy bralettes on Zivame that are appropriate for any situation. You can show off your best style by wearing these bralettes as an inside garment or as a crop top. Bralettes look wonderful worn with a jacket or blazer, but they're also a great alternative for lounging. Pick from a stylish selection of bralettes made of cotton, satin, lace, net, and other materials.
Minimizer bras: We also offer plus-size undergarments available. Additionally, we have minimizer bras in our collection that are intended for ladies with large or heavy breasts. See our collection of minimizer bras in a range of designs, colors, and sizes for a cozy, pared-down appearance.
A woman's wardrobe would not be complete without a panty. It lets you maintain your comfort level while giving your clothes form. We provide a large selection of exquisite panty patterns to accommodate people of all sizes and shapes. There is a panty to match any outfit you have, available in a variety of designs, colours, and fits. The various styles of comfy knickers that Zivame offers are listed below.
Women's Pants Types Available at Zivame
Women can choose from a variety of panties from Zivame based on fit, style, size, comfort, and availability. These pants, which come in several fabrics, are made with comfort in mind. These are the various styles of panties that are available on our website.
Hipsters: Among the most well-liked panties styles, hipsters prioritize comfort in their design. They make you feel at ease and calm because they sit low on the hip. The butt is raised and given the ideal form by hipsters. Additionally, they fit nicely on the stomach and lessen the visibility of love handles and excess fat. Wearing hipsters with dresses, skirts, high-waisted trousers, and denim is excellent. Hipster panties come in a variety of materials, including cotton, satin, lace, and more. Choose from a variety of eye-catching hues, patterns, and fits. For regular use, you can also select from packs of two and three.
Boyshorts: Another well-liked panty design, boyshorts come in a variety of fits, colors, and sizes. They go well with every outfit because they are made to provide complete covering. They shape your thighs and stomach and help you look tucked in. If you want to cover up excess bulges and get rid of panty lines, boyshorts are fantastic. They contribute to the polished appearance of every ensemble you wear. To achieve the greatest look, get boyshorts in a variety of colors and wear them with everything!
Bikini Panties – Are you looking to travel in comfort and relaxation? Check out our selection of bikini panties. Try our stylish, daily-use bikini panties. Underneath whatever ensemble you wear during the day, these panties are perfect for the beach. Low-rise and midrise jeans go well with bikini panties because of their high-cut opening and low hip position. You may walk around easily and hassle-free by selecting bikini panties made of different materials like cotton, lace, and stretch fabrics. Select your preferred bikini panties from a large assortment available in a range of fits and sizes.
Thongs: Women adore the stylish and current panty trend of thongs. You may wear them with any kind of attire to achieve the “no-panty line” effect. Additionally, thongs look fantastic on honeymoons or when paired with an elegant babydoll dress to make an impression. It is composed of an incredibly soft and cosy combination of spandex and cotton. Thongs are perfect for wearing beneath form-fitting clothing like tights, bodycon dresses, and jeans because of their seamless design. Take advantage of fantastic savings on Zivame by selecting from a vast assortment of thongs that come in satin, lace, cotton, midrise, and low-rise styles.
Seamless Panties: Sometimes, panties can detract from the appearance of an ensemble. In these cases, seamless panties are helpful. With these pants, you can finally say goodbye to embarrassing panty lines and achieve a polished, polished look. Additionally providing compression and smoothing properties to give your body the ideal shape are some seamless panties. The ideal seamless panties come in a variety of styles and sizes and look great tucked under form-fitting clothes like leggings, jeans, bodycon dresses, and skirts.
Maternity Pants: During a woman's pregnancy, maternity pants are intended to provide additional comfort and care. These pants were made to offer additional comfort and support throughout these vital months of your life. Choose from a variety of designs, styles, colors, and sizes in our extensive selection of maternity panties, which are made of soft, breathable, and stretchable fabric. made with cozy high-waist styles that guarantee minimal stomach strain. Additionally, these pants have antibacterial properties that promote pregnant cleanliness.


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