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A luxury home is not just all about convenience, but extravagance.

You can never overdo a luxury home. More so if you’re building a custom luxury home. With improving preferences and technology, there’s no limit to what you can do. A heated Kitchen floor? You got it. A walk in the closet? We can make that happen too.

It all comes down to how long of a list you can make. Although, before you make one, you must know all that is available in the market and has been receiving attention. Here, we’ve mentioned 6 features that every custom luxury home should have.

Heated Floors
If you’re all about comfortable living, heated floors aren't something you should skip over. As the name suggests, they’re essentially just floors with an adjustable temperature that can even be integrated with a thermostat to maintain optimal ambience in the house.

No more stepping out of a shower onto cold floors, when you have heated floors installed. You can even set them up in the kitchen and laundry room. It all comes down to how cozy of a house you want.

The High Ceiling
High ceilings don’t just look cool but also add gravitas to the home. The home feels more open, breathable and therefore more welcoming.

There’s no obligation to have a high ceiling in the entire house though, you can simply choose to maintain it only for the living room. Rest can be of a regular height. As most of your events and gatherings will be in the living room, this should in no way seem like a compromise.

Smart Tech
Almost everyone wants their home to be smart, and luxury homeowners are no different. While you can always get the basic stuff such as remote-controlled lights, doors, climate and alarm systems; a luxury home makes space for much more.

Get yourself the movie room you’ve always wanted. Or the spa-like bathroom that’ll take your showering experience to the next level. And of course, how can we forget a smart closet? It all depends on what you want.

Dedicated Home Office
A home office, or rather a luxury home office is an absolute must-have.

Although this addition has been popular for decades, it has fostered increased attention over the last couple of years- as more and more people were required to work from their homes. Even if your job doesn't require you to sit at a desk -which can be very luxurious if that's something you find fascinating-, you can always use the office as a meeting room. Or to have any work-related discussions in private. It’s up to you.

A Home Gym
An increasing number of homeowners are designing rooms for workouts, yoga, and equipment. It makes sense, if you can afford a personal gym, why would you bother sharing one.

However, a simple home gym doesn't scream luxury. It’s what comes with that, such as a sauna or a pool to relax after a workout, that takes it up a notch. And yes, a wireless speaker system and a big screen are a given.

Outdoor Kitchen
What better way to round up luxury home amenities, than with an outdoor kitchen. Get the latest grill, don’t shy on storage- big and small cabinets, install them all. If your outdoor kitchen comes covered with a roof, set up lights that add to the mood. Especially for evenings on a Saturday.

A luxurious home can only be so Luxurious!

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