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Top Mobile App Ideas And Current Trends For Sports Industry

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Sports is a lucrative industry where people who love sports prefer to engage in different sports like basketball, football, soccer, baseball, cricket, etc. Today, sports lovers prefer staying in touch with the latest updates in the sports world through sports apps. Also, they can play their sports online using a sports app. You can find several sports apps on App Store and Play Store.

Well, while building a sports app, make sure you build an app that offers an amazing user experience. Certainly, developing a sports app can be a cumbersome task, but through proper research and study, you can create a robust app. The blog would help you learn about the top mobile app ideas and current trends to follow in Sports Industry. So, let us begin.

Statistics of the Sports App Market


Whether it is about watching favourite movies, shows, or sports events, most people prefer to watch them on mobile phones rather than on TV screens. This is the reason why a lot of sports companies are investing in on-demand mobile app development to build sports apps so that people can watch sports events from anywhere and at any time using their smartphones.

Not only sports enthusiasts but other people also access sports apps through their mobile phones like sports coaches, parents, event organizers, etc.

Let us have a look at the market size of sports apps and related statistics.

  • As per CBS News, nearly 56% of Americans are fond of sports. Nearly 50% of the population across the world are fond of one or more types of sports like golf, tennis, basketball, etc
  • Users spend almost 50 minutes on sports apps every day.
  • According to reports, the sports app market would witness massive growth between 2019-and 2027.
  • The sports market would touch 17,436.4 million US dollars by the year 2027.
  • Statista reports that there is a huge increase in downloads in the sports industry which will touch 2,033.9 million by 2022.

Top Trends to consider in Sports App Development


You will find a range of sports apps in the market, so you need to have some unique features in your app. To make your app unique, you should consider the current trends in the sports industry. Let us go through some of the latest trends below

Wearable App Integration

It is one of the popular trends gaining momentum worldwide. With the advancement in technology, wearable apps are entering our daily lives to become a vital aspect

Social Media Integration

This feature helps users share their favourite events on social channels. The integration of social media on the app enhances user engagement as users get to share their views and opinions on Instagram, Twitter, etc. in short, it helps gain recognition for your brand.

Use of AR & VR technology


The sports industry is leveraging AR/VR Sports App Development services to offer real-life experiences in an online arena. Both these technologies along with living game streaming in your app can offer the live experience as that of a stadium to the users.


Gamification is also one of the crucial aspects of sports app development. This technology helps incorporate fresh features into mobile and web apps to boost user engagement. You can retain users using this feature in the long run.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI technology cannot be separated from the sports industry as it offers an excellent user experience. The technology when integrated into your sports app offers a personalised experience and increases the user base. AI helps resolve user queries with pre-determined answers.

Cross-Platform App Development

The technology has brought tremendous transformation in sports app development. It has offered high performance, faster growth, convenience, affordability, etc.

Best Sports App Ideas To Watch Out For :


Here is the list of some amazing sports app ideas to let you grab thousands of users and gain maximum ROI on app development expenses.

1. Sports Ticket Booking Apps

This app offers a 3-dimensional map of the whole stadium and helps you view available seats that the users can book. The app allows users to find the seat of their choice for an enjoyable watching experience and reserve seats for the games of their choice.

Also, you can integrate some additional features to your sports event ticket booking app for example buying snacks online and getting them delivered to your seat in the stadium. Also, the app needs to have a notification feature that helps you inform the users in advance about the available sporting event.

2. Fantasy Sports Apps

Well, these apps are preferred by followers across the world. The users build online teams including real players using this app and compete based on the performance of the real players in on-field games.

This app works like :

  • Users select a match
  • Register into the app
  • Login and verification are done through OTP

The app helps sports enthusiasts to create their teams online and compete online. The fantasy sports mobile app development process allows users to compete with others in open tournaments across the world and track the score in real-time.

3. Sports Betting Apps

Along with watching their preferred sport online, investing money in that sport is something that most users find even more interesting. A lot of countries have made sports betting legal and you will find different types of betting happening across the world. Looking at the interest of users who spend money on betting, a lot of companies are moving towards sports betting app development to launch their sports betting apps to gain profits.

4. Sports News Apps

Well, sports news app development solutions helped businesses create a sports news app for sports lovers to help them stay updated with the latest news on sports-related to different sports like football, tennis, etc. These apps also keep their users updated on upcoming matches.

5. Sports Fitness Apps

These apps are gaining popularity as sportspeople know the importance of staying fit. Thus, you can develop an app that utilizes wearable sensors to track the user’s needs.

The sports fitness app you create should comprise a map, nutritional calendar, tracking, videos to guide on workouts, statistics, calorie counters, etc

6. Live Streaming Apps

Live streaming is an integral element of sports news apps still some apps are created on live streaming itself.

Well, these apps allow users to view leagues, favourite sports real training, teams' video blogs, and real training.

Through structured live sports streaming app development, you can build an app that gains several followers who use their devices to view live streaming and can spend money too.

To attract more people and boost user engagement, these apps also integrate a live chat function at times.

7. Sports Celebrity Apps

Now, these apps are perfect to interact with celebs. Today, most celebrities build apps that help them interact with their followers and fans and share clips from their daily lives.

Similarly, sports celebrity apps display the scheduled sports events where their starts will be part of, their stats, and other details they wish to share with their fans.

8. Sports Equipment & Inventory Store Apps

Today, every sports person wants to know where he/she can purchase sports equipment, wearables, food, etc. So, your app should have smart search & filter options, product details with images, product descriptions, catalogs, shopping carts, payment gateways, reviews, etc.

9. Sports Facility Booking Apps

The administrators and owners of the gym, basketball court, stadium, tennis center, swimming pool, etc can benefit from these apps.

Here you can include details for every facility offered in swimming pool, gym, stadium, etc. You can also include the details and schedule of the facilities offered for the users to access the facility.

10. Sports Coaching Apps

Most sports coaches benefit from sports coaching & training app development solutions as these apps help them maintain athletes’ records, track their food habits, schedules and build training modules, etc. So, if you are planning to develop such an app, you need to provide video clippings to help the coaches improve further.

Also, you can include a personal training feature in the app so that the practice and workout sessions get a personalized effect.

11. Sports Quiz App

These apps are used by most sports lovers as they can explore multiple quiz games. These games can be enjoyed by any age group. The sports quiz apps offer audio commentary, powerful animations for different quiz events, and an amazing gaming experience.


Today, most businesses are opting for Web and mobile App platforms. Thus, building a sports app for sports lovers would be a smart decision. You can hire a trusted mobile app development agency to build, launch and scale your app.

So make sure, the App Development agency you hire has enough experience to develop a sports app that can offer an excellent user experience.

So, If you are planning to build a sports app, Apps on Demand, a trusted mobile app development service in the USA can help you launch your dream sports app seamlessly. With the help of our expert team of developers, we can help you avail impeccable white label development solutions that help you offer an amazing sports app for sports lovers. Get in touch with us to share your app ideas today.

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