Top Qualities to Look For in a Video Monetization Platform

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As the creator economy continues to expand, you are likely to take content creation seriously. Where are you in your creator journey? Are you just getting started? A newbie that is looking at content creation as a full-time career? Or have you been creating content for a few years and want to expand your business and gain knowledge about different ways to earn money as a content creator? Or are you a mega influencer who already earns a six-figure income and intends to add a paywall or offer exclusive content to your fans?

Wherever category you fall into, you want to learn more about monetization tools. You might have a list of video monetization platforms to consider, but how do you pick the best amongst those? We did a little research, asked a few content creators who have been using multiple platforms to monetize their content, and extracted top things to look for in a video monetization platform. Here’s what they had to say.

Top Things to Look For in a Video Monetization Platform

1. Good for lean-in content

There are two major types of content: one is lean-back, meaning you can relax and consume the content, and the second, lean-in content, where you lean towards the screen for better absorption. The lean-back content is usually entertaining, whereas the lean-in content is educational. Examples of lean-in content are tutorials, guides, or informational ‘how-to’ videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Certain video monetization platforms such as YouTube or Instagram are wonderful for lean-back content, but for educational, lean-in content, consumers prefer an advanced platform that provides additional features.

2. Easy Fan Management

A good video monetization platform helps ease out fan management. The life of a content creator involves constant interaction from fans, which typically happens via direct messages, comments, and emails. A video monetization platform that enables you to manage fan interaction with multimedia support should be an ideal pick for you, especially if you have hundreds of messages flowing in every day.

Retrieve is a groundbreaking video monetization platform that facilitates creators to interact with their fans by creating communities, live sessions, one-on-one chats that utilize audio, video and text, group chats, and more. Its automatic answer feature also makes it easier for you to sort your fan interactions.

3. Easy Search Features for Fans

Imagine integrating your content with AI voice search. Where your fans can search for any query while consuming your content merely by saying it to their computer. A good video monetization platform should have cutting-edge technology to support both creators and fans. With an easy search feature, fans absorb more knowledge without the hassles of typing a query and having to filter through results.

Another search feature that can ease out search is an integrated search bar. Imagine your fans want to search for something particular but have to read/watch through the entire content to get a solution for that. It might turn them off, right? But with a good monetization platform, your fans can enter a keyword or a question and can be directed to the solution within your content.

4. Sophisticated Translation Features

Opt for monetization tools that provide more than conventional features. Platforms like Retrieve have advanced translation. While subtitles in multiple languages are an excellent way to extract information from the content, you as a content creator should dig out features that provide more than that. Retrieve allows users to listen to video guides in multiple languages. So even if you are speaking in English, your international fans can hear you in other languages.

5. No Hidden Costs

Any professional service is likely to include hidden costs because of the advanced features it provides. Pick a platform that does not have any hidden cost for unlocking additional features. With Retrieve, a creator does not have to pay for their initial guide or any additional features they add to their store. Retrieve works on a revenue-share model, so when the creator earns, the platform earns. Unlike most platforms, there is no monthly fee for using Retrieve.

6. Multimedia guides

Pick a platform that allows you to upload multimedia content for your fans. As a content creator, there might be different content you’re good at. Whether you prefer long blog posts or videos, you can upload multimedia content to educate your fans.

An excellent video monetization platform enables you to use PDFs, videos, audio, and more to educate your fans with exclusive content.

7. No self-service

Pick a platform that works with you as a partner, not as a one-sided mechanical service. Retrieve is not a self-service product. Their team of experts knows what works within your niche, your fan demographic, and the type of content you create. They help you convert old and new content into attractive, digestible guides that benefit your audience.

8. Multiple ways to monetize content

A monetization platform should comprise of diverse monetization possibilities. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. With Retrieve, you can monetize your subscriptions, communities, events, one-on-one consulting and more along with the guides by adding paywalls, paid messaging, and paid sign-up options.

As a content creator who is looking for multiple ways to earn money, go for a platform that offers more than the conventional features. Whether it is easy navigation and user-friendliness for your fans or a flexible interface/policy for easy upload and monetization for your own benefits, do your research thoroughly before picking a platform.

We recommend Retrieve for all its additional features that do not come at any additional cost. Check out Retrieve and get started on your creator journey today!


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