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Top Reasons Semi Trucks Need Roadside Assistance

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Semi-trucks might be the most accident prone and breakdown-prone vehicles on the road. It is not surprising considering the amount of time they spend on the road coupled with their large size. Driving these big rigs is a challenge in itself, but when the added risks to safety are considered, it becomes crystal clear why semi trucks need roadside assistance. 


Truck breakdowns can occur at any time and any place, so knowing about the potential causes of breakdowns can help you decide when you need an emergency towing service surrey or a towing company. In this article, we will dive into the major reasons that make roadside assistance unavoidable for you.


Tire Underinflation


One of the top causes that force you to call out for roadside assistance is tire underinflation in your semi-truck. Underinflation leads to flat tires. It can also cause tire failure and lead to problems such as overheating and tire blowouts, which can affect the performance of your vehicle. Tire underinflation is the most common reason for semi-truck drivers to go for roadside assistance.


Brake Issues


Almost 29 percent of road accidents are due to brake-related issues. The disc and drum of the brakes in semi-trucks are constantly exposed to heat and friction, which causes their components to wear out. The wear and tear of trucks usually occur due to a lack of maintenance on their brakes. Some causes of break issues include corrosion, internal water contamination, and air leaks.


It is very important to maintain your breaks regularly according to the latest and best practices of the industry. Maintaining your brake system can help you avoid a sudden breakdown on the road. If you encounter any brake-related problems, especially while you are on the road, you should call roadside assistance. You should not try to push your vehicle forward and deal with it on your own to tackle brake problems. Calling for roadside assistance can help you deal with problems without harming yourself or other people on the road.


Failure Of The Electric System


The electrical system is a core component responsible for the performance of the semi truck’s engine. A perfectly maintained electrical system can only help to increase the performance of your truck. Any issue with the electrical system means a big issue for your entire vehicle. A failure of the electrical system means your whole vehicle has broken down. 


Issues with your electrical system can easily be recognized by some warning signs. If you smell an unusual odour in your cabin or notice flickering lights and clicking while staring at your engine, then there’s a problem with your electrical system. Whenever you observe such warning signs, you should immediately get your vehicle checked. If these issues are encountered while you are on the road, you should immediately call for roadside assistance to avoid severe problems.


Starter motors, alternators, and batteries are the three main electrical components of a semi-truck. If any of these break down, your vehicle may break down or even not start. Most of the problems with your electrical system are linked to your battery dying. So you should always check your battery to make sure it's working fine. If you smell odd odours in your truck, then it may be due to your battery’s issues.


Misplaced Keys


An experienced big rig driver may feel embarrassed to lock their vehicle and lose their keys. But this happens quite often. Frequent stops along your long journey on the road may stop by many gas stations and restaurants and may forget your keys there. It's not a big deal to encounter such a situation, as it can be easily solved. Many towing companies offer locksmith solutions to deal with such situations. Getting some assistance can help you deal with issues more easily while you are on the road.


Cooling Systems


Semi-trucks have a large range of connections that make sure the system cools down properly and prevents overheating of your vehicle. If any of these connections break down, the whole system gets affected. 


Big rigs are prone to bigger problems and failures due to very minor issues, as there are many small connections to maintain. Remember to keep an eye on the connections of coolant so you can easily spot problems and get them fixed as soon as possible. Making sure there are no leaks can keep you safe on your journey. So either get a semi-truck towing service or roadside assistance to get your truck back on the road. 


Breakdowns on the road are quite sudden and very difficult to handle on your own. You should always thoroughly check your vehicle before going on a journey to make sure that no issues arise on the road. But as roadside breakdowns are sudden and spontaneous, you should also mentally prepare yourself for any kind of problem you may encounter on the road. 


Knowing the reasons and time when you should exactly call out for roadside assistance can make sudden breakdowns less stressful and dangerous. If you observe any of the above-mentioned signs in your vehicle while driving, you should immediately call for professional help to avoid potential dangers to yourself and other people on the road.



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