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Traveling to Kashmir can be truly a life-altering experience for anyone; those moments of bonding over bonfires, the feel-good company of your loved ones and most importantly the cling of teacups is all you need to make the trip to Kashmir worth every moment of your time and energy.

Really, it’s fine nuances of human affection like these mixed with nature’s beauty that goes on to become cherished memories for a lifetime.

Reaching this heavenly abode of natural beauty, you feel as if the snowy peaks, the mesmerizing valleys, herculean mountains, pristine lakes to even the narrow lanes filled with buzzing life and snow were already there to welcome and encourage you to have a jolly good time with your kinda peeps.

Talking about the winter season; it is just the perfect time to visit Kashmir and see for yourself what heaven feels like. So, without any further ado, here are the top 8 reasons why you should visit Kashmir in the winter season.

Top 8 Reasons to Visit Kashmir in Winter Season

1. For the Love of Snow

If you are someone who loves snow or perhaps if you haven’t felt snow in your hands yet then, not visiting Kashmir, especially in the winter season would be a grave mistake on your part.

As far as you can see, you will only see layer after layers of stunning snowy views. Gulmarg, Dal Lake, Pahalgam are a few prominent holiday destinations in Kashmir that ooze majestic charm during the winter times.

And if you’ve finally planned that long overdue trip to Kashmir, then you might just as well pull up your socks and be ready to show your art skills and make a few snowmen and be also battle-ready for those epic snowball fights.

2. Dal Lake – Major Reason to Visit Kashmir During Winter Season

Needless to say that Dal Lake is one of the most popular tourist spots to visit in Kashmir. In the winter season, the Dal Lake is filled with the kaleidoscopic beauty of the colorful Shikara boats. Especially in the winter season, the lake witnesses a lesser footfall of tourists who come there to enjoy and catch the glimpse of the natural beauty of Kashmir. Thus, visiting Dal Lake in the winter season would be a perfect opportunity to experience something unique and iconic.

3. Haven for Photography Lovers

If by any chance you happen to be a fan of photography, then, a visit to Kashmir can open a lot of possibilities for you. The geography of Kashmir presents you with some of the most heartfelt and stunning vistas to capture through the magic of your lenses. And moreover, as there are not many tourists bustling around during the winter season, you will be able to easily find hotel accommodations at comparatively lower costs. A great reason to visit Kashmir, don’t you think?

4. The Local Food

The local delicacies of Kashmir are worth relishing; the smell of those kehvas to kebabs in the chilly winters will make your taste buds go crazy. From Kashmiri pulao, kehva, kebabs to rogan josh everything here is worth trying and enjoying. So, if you are a foodie, then undoubtedly, a vacation in Kashmir can be an experience of a lifetime.

5. Exploring the Historic Sights During Winters

Kashmir is as much about its history as its’ about its stunning natural beauty. The mesmerizing historical monuments of Jammu and Kashmir will simply blow away your mind. Truly it’s kinda interesting to know how the soil of Kashmir has seen so much in terms of movement of time and history. Being loaded with some of the most famous historic monuments like Bumzuva Cave, Shankaracharya Temple, Khanqah of Shah Hamadan, Jama Masjid, a holiday in Kashmir during winters is truly worth it.

6. Sports Activities to Enjoy in Kashmir During Winters

Now, apart from all the panoramic beauty of Kashmir, one major reason why you should be visiting this stunning geographical region is because of the kind of adventure and sports activities that you can explore here. From river rafting, trekking to Shikara rides, camping, to even jeep safari, the land of Kashmir promises you so many amazing things to discover and explore. And winters can be just the perfect time to have some crazy fun with your tribe. Who wouldn’t mind some Insta worthy memorabilia with your pals?

7. Winter Shopping in Kashmir

Shopping and splurging around in Kashmir, especially in the winter season, can be as infectious as the stunning beauty of nature here. During the winter season, the local markets of Kashmir are flooded with Pashmina Shawls, silverware, handicrafts, antique copperware, carpets, and more. The traditional jewelry, dress material, flower pots are just a few examples of shopping which could make your day a bit more exciting.

8. Enjoying Skiing and Cable Car Ride in Gulmarg and Sonamarg

Talking about adventure and sports, Skiing is one of the most popular activities which you can enjoy in the winter season in Kashmir. If you want to know how it feels like skiing or perhaps riding in a cable car, then the two perfect destinations to visit would be Gulmarg and Sonamarg. However, do take note that in winters, the weather can hit sub-zero temperatures; it will only make your winters memorable. Apart from a cable car ride or skiing, you can also enjoy skating and heli-skiing here.

So, if you want to feel what dreams are made of then a vacay in Kashmir during the winter season would be all the therapy you need.

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