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Top Reasons Why Your Kitchen Deserves To Have A Sujihiki Kitchen Knife

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The best Sujihiki knife is a double-bevelled knife. It is used for slicing various types of boneless protein. It is a narrow double bevel kitchen knife and has a short height that enables it to effortlessly slice through meat and fish with very little friction. The design of the knife enables it to cut slices of meat that are very thin with a single stroke. The sharp edge and narrow blade help reduce the effort required to cut through your ingredients.

The purpose of the Sujihiki kitchen knife

This is a very beautiful and versatile knife. The knife is double-edged and this feature makes it a slicer that can be used for different purposes both domestically and professionally. The kitchen knife is used mainly for skinning and filleting fish, slicing boneless meat and so on. It is also effective for cutting vegetables. The knife has a narrow blade that ensures that it slices through fish and meat smoothly. This preserves the integrity of the freshness of each ingredient. This is very important for meals where people eat fish raw. The profile of the knife allows thin slices to be cut in one draw and prevents drag as every slice falls away when it is sliced.

Applications and design specifications

The Sujihiki kitchen knife is a knife with a bevel on both sides of the edges. This is an important feature that makes it suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people. It is also a narrow knife with a spine that ends in a pointed tip.

This Japanese knife is a slicer. It is a long and narrow kitchen knife and whilst it works well on boneless proteins, it isn’t suited for meat with bones. The knife is best used for slicing rather than the heard kitchen work or as a general-purpose kitchen knife.

It is not an all-purpose kitchen knife so it will not be the primary blade in the arsenal of your kitchen. You can use it as a specialised slicer. This is the knife you use when you want to carve your boneless fish or meat.

They are narrower and this means they do not offer you sufficient flats to allow you to lift your dice into a bowl. They also feel awkward when you use them in a push cutting motion or for chopping. This is another reason why you should not use this knife for any other purpose other than carving and slicing. Some professional chefs use this knife like a chef knife but you can be sure you’ll come face to face with some limitations when you use it this way.

What to use a Sujihiki kitchen knife for

The best Sujihiki knife is ideal for removing fat and sinew from meat, skinning and filleting fish and slicing through boneless fish and meat as it preserves the taste and structure of the meat. Using this knife to cut through other ingredients that are not fish or meat might cause the blade to become dull.


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