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The recruitment industry has gone through many changes in the last couple of years. There have been many developments in the world of recruitment that were glacial but then some changes happened at a very fast speed. Because of these changes, the recruitment process has come out of the newspaper ads to the modern digital era. Without these crucial changes, the recruitment process would never have been able to become so productive, accurate, and efficient for businesses of every size and type.

If you keep tabs on the recruitment process then you must be aware of the fact that hiring people has moved from phone screening and paper resumes to video interviews and recruitment experience. In order to stay relevant with your recruitment process, you will need to make many changes in your firm and look for what is currently trending in the world of recruitment. From focused selection to reactive hiring, from proactive hiring to mass recruitment, there are many practices and procedures you will need to use in order to keep the talent pool always filled.

So with so many changes happening in the recruitment process, what can you expect in 2020? Let’s find out through this blog post.

Retention focused Hiring

Saving money is one of the main motives in each and every type of business operation and the same goes for the recruitment process as well. Because of this, businesses will be focusing more on hiring candidates for the long term rather than just filling up the seats. Even small and medium-sized businesses will no longer be interested in hiring candidates that will only handle the current job but they will look for leaders that will be able to play an important role in the organization in the future.

Because of retention focused hiring, businesses will start laying out the skills and expertise they will need from their employees in the upcoming future. And these laid out skills and expertise will start acting as a filter in the recruitment process. Even when you will hire a recruiter from India, they will use the same approach.

Natural Language Processing

One of the biggest trends that will shape the future of the recruitment process in the year 2020 will be the use of Artificial Intelligence for sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates. The growing power of natural language processing will make many big changes in the world of recruitment but it will never eliminate the need of humans in the recruitment process. This is why you will still have to hire recruiters from India.

One of the biggest hurdles that most of the companies face in the recruitment process is the manual screening of resume as it is a very time-taking process. But with the help of the powerful NLP concept, a huge list of resumes can be screened in just a couple of minutes and with 100% accuracy. In addition to this, NLP will also be used to interact with candidates and a glimpse of this can be seen in the use of chatbots by most of the reputed business websites.

Focus on culture

One of the biggest trends of 2020 and even for the coming next years will be the focus on the culture of the company. Most of the top business influencers of the modern era agree on the fact that just pleasing the shareholders can never be a good approach as keeping employees satisfied and happy is also very crucial.

All the firms out there that will have better culture will be able to keep their employees satisfied and motivated. This is why such companies will always have better chances of hiring good candidates and they will also be referred more for the job roles in comparison to its competitors.

You will be surprised to know that more than 77% of the candidates of the modern era will consider the culture of the company before applying for it and 56% of the candidates think that the salary is less important than the culture of the firm. Even when you will hire a dedicated recruiter from India, they will suggest you focus on the culture of your firm.

Use of Mobile Devices

Gone are those days when giving ads in the classified section of the newspaper was the only way to give information regarding a vacant job post in the company. We are living in the digital era today and many activities, including the recruitment process, have moved to the digital platform.

Because of such changes, a good recruiter will always be aware of the fact that there will be many candidates out there who will be applying for the job post through their mobile devices. You might have started thinking that only millennials must be using mobile devices to apply for different types of the job but the fact is something else. A majority of people are applying for jobs through their mobile phones, regardless of their age.

If you really want to keep your recruitment process relevant in the modern era and hire the cream of the crops then you will have to keep tabs on these trends. And if you are already bogged down with too much work then opting to hire a dedicated recruiter from India through a reliable RPO like Collar Search will be the best option.


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