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Have you ever thought of starting a business and be your boss? Or you just love the idea of washing a car right from your childhood in a beach city car wash  hence, do you think it's about time to monetize it? Either way, you must have been thinking about how to set the whole thing up.

But the ultimate question is; if you are starting today what do you need to do right to make you stand above your competitor? No answer yet? Well, this post is carefully written to reveal to you the top seven tips to do to be the best hand car and truck wash in Long Beach, CA

Use Appropriate Car Wash Soap

For you to be the best hand car and truck wash in Long Beach, CA you need to begin by using the appropriate tools for the job. One of which is using the car wash soap to do the business. Using any other soap like dish soap may affect the vehicle paint in the long run. Nobody wants a fading car, not even your potential customers.

Begin from the rooftops to Tyres

One of the ways by which you will make your work easier and appear neat is through the methodical approach. Owning a Long Beach Express car wash requires more than dedication, you also need professionalism.

Hence, you wouldn't want to keep adding dirt to the part you've cleansed before, nor do you want to do a single work almost twice. 

Clean the tar

Car dirt can range from ordinary dust to bug residue or hard water spots. Using general car wash soap will not work effectively. What you need to do is get the right soap for the specific dirt and see your customer's car sparkling like it's new with spots. 

Running a beach city car wash requires some automobile knowledge, hence, you need to prove to your customers why they patronize you.

Add Wax or Sealant.

If you've ever been to a professional Long Beach express car wash spot before you will realize it's not just washing alone with soap and brush, but there is also the application of wax polish. 

With the car wax or sealant, you will be making your customers' vehicles shine, and cover or seal the spots or first on the body. Car Wax or sealant can be used separately or together. If you are using them together, start with sealant as the undercoat, and apply wax to make your customer's vehicle clean.

Don't forget to Always Clean carpets and upholstery

Aside from the external cleaning, care also needs to be cleaned internally. The major part of a car interior that most car wash spots focus on is seat and glass alone. But to be the best beach city car wash, you need to focus on other interior components as well, especially the carpets and upholstery. 

Begin with removing dust before adding water and soap. Use the appropriate brush, clean water, and shampoo.

Get a set of brushes

Each part of the car differs. Some car components like the external body required a hard brush. Other places like tires, engine bay, carpet, wheel wells, etc., all require different brushes that can only function well. 

Hence, to make your work easier and be among the top Long Beach express car wash, you need to be prepared professionally. Don't use a hard brush where you need to use a soft one and vice versa. Also, always check your brushes regularly to know when to change them.

Clean the Windshield Carefully

While washing and cleaning the windshield may appear simple, it can be tricky especially since you are doing it for strangers (customers) unlike when doing it for yourself or family. Windshield cleaning requires a specific automotive glass cleaner to clean it right away. 

Beware of ordinary glass cleaning products that may contain some ammonium contents. Applying household glass cleaning products might result in the formation of streaks and fog. No customers would like to take that from you. 

Hence, to be the best hand car and truck wash in Long Beach, CA you need to follow these tips and be fully prepared.


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