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Crypto clicker tap-to-earn games are a type of play-to-earn (P2E) game in the GameFi industry. These games require players to constantly tap or click on a screen to complete objectives such as gathering resources, upgrading characters, or earning cryptocurrency rewards in the form of points and tokens. The basic goal is for players to accumulate clicks in order to continue through the game and profit from in-game currency.


Tap-to-earn games are an integral part of the broader play-to-earn gaming ecosystem, enabling the crypto community to earn in-game currency through diverse gameplay activities.


While some tap-to-earn games rely purely on the clicking mechanic to gain prizes, others integrate elements of social engagement, such as competitions and cooperative tasks in which users can invite others to play alongside them, to improve the gameplay experience.


Top Tap-to-Earn Games


Hamster Kombat (HMSTR)


Hamster Kombat is a popular Telegram game in which participants control a virtual crypto exchange by tapping digital hamsters to win cryptocurrency. The Telegram-based Hamster Kombat has swiftly acquired millions of active users due to its simple access via a Telegram bot with no further downloads.


In Hamster Kombat, players tap a digital hamster to mine HMSTR (the game's native token), with each tap producing more tokens. Earnings can be increased by performing tasks such as joining the Daily Combo, subscribing to the game's YouTube channel, or referring friends.


Notcoin (NOT)


Notcoin is a Telegram-based game that launched in early 2024 and allows users to earn cryptocurrency using a tap-to-earn mechanism. It immediately gained popularity thanks to its simple play-to-earn model and accessible access via Telegram. Players tap a virtual coin to earn Notcoins, which are then converted to $NOT tokens. The game includes a variety of objectives and tasks to increase profits, such as joining Telegram channels and following partner projects on social media. Notcoin is connected with the TON blockchain to increase transaction speed and security.




Catizen is a Telegram-based play-to-earn game in which players manage a cat colony. It blends strategy and simulation features, allowing players to establish and expand their cat colony while earning cryptocurrency. The game entails accumulating resources, fulfilling quests, and competing against other players for rewards and crypto.


Players start by establishing their colony and allocating jobs to cats with specific qualities and skills for activities such as farming, fishing, and crafting. Completing these objectives gets you in-game currency, which may then be redeemed for real-world cryptocurrencies. The game includes daily quests and extraordinary events with major rewards.


The game's appealing graphics and compelling gameplay have made it popular among Telegram users looking for both entertainment and earning opportunities.


Yescoin (YES)


Yescoin is a Telegram-based clicker game in which participants earn cryptocurrency by swiping on their screen. Operating on the TON blockchain for security and efficiency, the crypto game has grown in popularity due to its simple principles and the possibility of earning real digital assets while playing. Users swipe coins on the screen to earn Yescoins, with more swipes yielding more cryptocurrency.


TapSwap (TAPS)


TapSwap is a popular Telegram clicker crypto game that lets you earn money by simply tapping. This crypto game, built on the Solana blockchain, mixes tap-to-earn action with DeFi features. Users earn TAPS tokens by interacting with Telegram's TapSwap bot.

To play, users must connect to the Telegram messaging bot and start tapping to mine TapSwap coins while playing. TapSwap's links with the Solana blockchain provide minimal transaction costs and excellent throughput.




In general, tap-to-earn games provide an intriguing combination of gaming, cryptocurrencies, and the gig economy. These games are definitely worth a try for casual players hoping to make a little additional cash.

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