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Having an air conditioner is vital in most homes so you need to consider your air conditioning systems cleaning, in Brisbane.

While doing air conditioning cleaning in Brisbane you need to consider the quality of the air inside your home. The filters are designed to catch and collect any dust or debris as well as bacteria and pollen that may otherwise be circulated around your home.

If these filters are not cleaned on a regular basis the can become clogged and instead of keeping your air clean and fresh, they can reduce the air flow and even become a breeding ground for mould mildew and bacteria.


In order for your air conditioner to run efficiently it needs to be regularly cleaned, clogged filter will cause it to work harder to push through the air and keep you home cool in the summer and warm in the cooler months. This will result in higher energy usage and larger electrical bills

Whether you have a split system air conditioner, a ducted system or window mounted air conditioners, they all need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions

When you purchased your air conditioner it will have come with detailed instructions on how to clean the different air filters, it uses as well as how to deal with any other owner serviceable parts.

If you don’t have the owners handbook, then you can download instructions from the air conditioner manufacturer’s website by giving the make and model numbers.


Always disconnect your air conditioner from the power supply before cleaning or if it’s a wired-in system turn off the isolating switch.

Cleaning the indoor unit

Most indoor units are equipped with removable filters and louvres

To clean them you need to pop off the cover and remove the filter or filters, often there is a dust filter and an air purification or ionizing filter. These filters can be cleaned by brushing or vacuuming. If they are very dirty or grimy the can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent and then allowed to completely dry before replacing in your air conditioner.

The louvres and area inside should also be cleaned using a cloth, brush or vacuum

Cleaning the out Door Unit

The compressor and condenser

Both the compressor and condenser should be kept clean and clear of all debris such as plants, leaves, dust and cobwebs as these will reduce its efficiency and cause the units to overheat

There are no internal areas in an air conditioner that can be serviced by the owners, they require a qualified technician to clean and service them.

Air Conditioning System Cleaning in Brisbane

In most cases air conditioners need their filters cleaned as part of your normal home cleaning routine, but they should also be serviced by a professional air conditioner cleaning service at least every one to two years depending on the amount they are used. If you turn your air conditioners off during the cooler months they should be serviced before you begin using them for the summer. This will ensure your units give you many years of service.

A professional air conditioning system cleaning company in Brisbane will clean the filters, coils, fins, external surfaces and the water drainage system as well as check the operation of the thermostats, other components and the refrigerant gas levels.


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