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With the hot weather of summer on the way, it’s time to consider air conditioner cleaning on The Gold Coast. Many people find it necessary to only use their air conditioners during the hotter months. This means that your air conditioner has been sitting idle for about six months. So now is the right time to have your air conditioning system cleaned and serviced, long before the heat sets in.

Those people who use their air conditioners all year round should either clean the filters themselves or have them cleaned at least once a month. This is especially important if you live in a dusty area as found in many parts of The Gold Coast or if you share your home with furry pets such as cats or dogs as their fine hairs will quickly clog up the filters and provide a place for bacteria to live and grow.

If you take care of your air conditioning system and have it cleaned regularly, it will take care of you and last for many years.

Some things you should consider while you are getting your air conditioning system cleaned on The Gold Coast

Keeping your lungs Clean

The air in your home is only as clean as your air condition system so consider this:

  • Change or clean the air filters on a monthly basis or follow the cleaning schedule of your air conditioner manufacturer. If the filters get clogged it can cause issues with your home’s air quality such as aggravating asthma and other allergies
  • Clogged air filters will also force your air conditioner to work harder and use more energy, increasing your power consumption and bill
  • Arrange your air conditioner cleaning time well before the hot season arrives as when the heat builds up all the air conditioner service companies are suddenly very busy and it’s almost impossible to get a service or cleaning crew without a long wait
  • It’s also a good idea to have all your air conditioning ducts cleaned at the same time as you arrange for your air conditioning cleaning on The Gold Coast
  • Have a properly installed ventilation vent placed in your home so that any stale air will be flushed out and replaced by fresh clean filtered air. This makes sure that you are not just breathing and recirculation the same air.

Doing it yourself

If you have the time and the correct tools and equipment you can clean your air conditioning system yourself, you will need to set aside about half a day to do the job properly.

It is important while cleaning the various parts such as the coils and condenser that you take your time and use the utmost care as they can easily be damaged.

Take careful note of the condition of all the parts and if any areas show signs of excessive wear or corrosion or you are in doubt about it, call air conditioning repair service.

Arranging for regular air conditioning cleaning on Gold Coast is a critical part of a good home maintenance program. Keeping you filters clear and unclogged will help ensure the air inside your home is cleaner and fresher for longer as well as helping to extend the working life of your system and reduce your overall energy bills.


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