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Women do look to look their best on the wedding day. However, it is not just the wedding day; women prefer to look good on every occasion. Needless to say, some occasions are more important than others.

There are several tools and methods that can help you stay ahead in terms of beauty and oomph factor. True, there are several cosmetic kinds of stuff some of these can give a run for money to many others. These are cosmetic stuff that extends your natural beauty by adding to it, and not by covering it. Eyelash extensions are one of these.

Let’s get into little details about lashes in general and eyelashes in particular!

It’s An Expert’s Job

Anyways, wearing eyelash extensions is indeed a professional job. You need to visit a salon to get the stuff attached to your eyelashes. You can go to a salon for helping with lashes in Brooklyn. They can do a neat job of attaching the eyelash extensions to your eyelash. Nevertheless, you need to keep it in mind that even for removing these eyelashes you need to, visit a salon or invite an experienced technician home.

DIY Lash Extensions

This does make wearing eyelash extensions a difficult job. However, there are eyelash extensions that you can wear on your own. These DIY lash extensions help you wear your eyelashes on your own. Moreover, you don’t need to wear them and take them out daily. Once you get them, they may last for about 7 days. Moreover, you can get a variety of eyelash extensions to pick and choose.

Types of Extension Lashes Brooklyn

Broadly speaking, there are two types of eyelash extensions available online. Let us discuss them one by one.

  • Glue eyelash extensions

Most commonly, you get eyelash extensions that come with a strip of glue that attaches with your eyelashes. These are somewhat difficult to remove. Only experienced salon personnel can remove them without any pain or problem. However, this is not the only problem with these glued lash extensions.

Some people are allergic to glue. For them, there is strip lash glue for sensitive eyes. These are meant for sensitive eyes which may become red or swollen in contact with some glues.

  • Magnetic eyelash extensions

These are more advanced compared to glued lash extensions. These are mostly DIY ones since you can wear them on your own. These are high-quality eyelashes that offer natural glamour and beauty. You can get them in more than one lash contour and wear them day and night, effortlessly.

The Sum Up

Using eyelash extensions, you can extend your eyelashes by as much as 12 mm in the outer areas and 10 mm in the middle areas. If you are allergic to glue you can go for strip lash glue for sensitive eyes or magnetic lash extensions. This does make sense when you are trying to enhance your beauty by adding to it and not by covering it. However, you need to select the right one from the right store. Otherwise, it may be a futile venture.



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