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Top tips for planning a full-day desert safari in Qatar:

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A spectacular full-day desert safari in Qatar is undoubtedly thrilling. The desert offers a variety of activities, including camel rides, sand boarding, quad biking, and dune bugging. Many visitors begin preparing for a desert safari in Qatar well before their trip. In Qatar, there are several reputable safari organizations, and each has a unique offering in terms of the activities, cuisine, and overall caliber of the experience. You can choose between a day tour and an overnight desert safari. 


full-day desert safari in Qatar is usually filled with fun activities and delectable food. Whether you’re a tourist or a permanent resident of Qatar, you ought to try this thrilling pastime at least once.

Therefore if you intend on making your desert safari one of the most thrilling and adventurous experiences in your life, continue reading some of the top tips that can make your journey even more exciting. 

  • Choose to dress appropriately: full-day desert safari in Qatar does not involve a set dress code. However, dressing modestly is crucial, especially in light-colored cotton or linen. For men, women, and children, shorts, light tops, t-shirts, and jeans are appropriate. Shawls and jackets are helpful in the evening. It’s interesting how quickly it can get cold after the sun sets. Avoid wearing joggers or closed-toed shoes because you don’t want to deal with sand particles in your shoes. Sandals, flip-flops, and open-toed footwear are your friends in the desert. Sunscreen, protective headgear, and sunglasses are essential. If there are high gusts, the face can be protected with the Keffiyeh.
  • Carry enough food and stay hydrated: Going on a desert safari might involve much work. So it is advised to eat something light before your journey. Avoid anything that can make you queasy. Since the evening feast will be scrumptious and ample, you won’t go hungry. Similarly, the campsite sells water, coffee, tea, and soft beverages, so bring minimal supplies.
  • Always carry liquid cash with you: Keep some liquid cash or a credit card to purchase souvenirs, photos, or movies from the campsite’s official photographer. Please be aware that these camps can be a little pricey for shopping. Before making a purchase, think about the product’s value.
  • Avoid packing heavy: It’s a good idea to only bring a few things on a full-day desert safari in Qatar. When you share a vehicle with several people, this is extremely advantageous. It’s challenging to move about the campsite when carrying considerable baggage. We advise against wearing a lot of jewelry or storing many valuables. Keep your medicines close: You must come prepared if you are someone who experiences motion sickness, even on a straight road. Tell the safari company immediately if you want to forego the dune bashing. If the medication relieves your symptoms, do not hesitate to take it or, at the very least, pop a sour patch. Before you go on the desert safari, you should surely give dune bashing some severe thought. Despite how much fun it is.

Make your desert safari one of the most thrilling experiences to witness in your life. Hence, before signing off, we advise our readers to follow the above essential tips for the most fun-filled desert safari.  

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