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Top Tips To Keep Your Guests Entertained In Your Wedding

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Your wedding must be the most important and busy day of your life. Amidst the chaos, laughter, tears, emotional rushes, memorizing the vows, and getting pictures clicked, spare a look at your guests. You might spot some yawning and some taking glances at their watches.

Boring guests would be the last thing you would want at your wedding. So, keeping them entertained at the wedding is paramount.

Here are a few tips that will help you in this respect.

Tip #1: Create Photo Booths

It might come across as a cliché but having a photo booth works. In the age of Instagram and Snapchat, your guests would love the idea of having a charming backdrop for their pictures.

Take a step ahead by placing GIF booths and selfie stands. You will see your guests spending a considerable amount of time at the booth.

Tip #2: Get A Mixologist

Of course, you would have thought of having a bar at your wedding, but how about having a mixologist on board?

Having a mixologist juggling bottles and storming up drinks is the best way to keep guests entertained. Mixologists have their way of keeping their audience (Yes! Their audience) engaged. By shaking drinks, they make a beautiful visual presentation and engage their guests in conversation.

Hire a caterer who can promise you an expert mixologist for bespoke cocktails and a visual treat.

Tip #3: Hire A Live Band

Music is the life of any party, and weddings are no exception. Think of a wedding without music. You will realize how charmless, hollow, and boring it would be.

Although you will have numerous options, having a live band would be the most interesting. Reach out to entertainment companies in Baltimore as they have the best cover bands for weddings.

Tip #4: Serve The Best Food

What could be a better conversation starter than food? If you have the best food at your wedding, your guests will get a million chances to engage in gastronomic conversations among themselves. More importantly, relishing delicious food is the best wedding experience for many.

Apart from having the decided number of courses, think of getting food counters. Guests will keep filling their tummies and enjoying themselves to the core.


Your wedding is special for you, make it special for everyone that registers their presence. Use these tips to keep your guests entertained for hours.


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