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Experienced sellers know how important it is to stay ahead of the competition in a highly crowded market and offer products that resonate with a target audience. Uncovering the ideal Etsy stuff, you can skyrocket your sales, grow the customer base, and build a thriving print on demand business. Let’s discover together key marketplace tendencies and predictions for the current leap year.

What to expect in early 2024?

Etsy steps up in the new era of online sales, refreshing old approaches to listings, marketing, and product design with a new Berry color of the season, romantic notes, stability, and coziness. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean store owners should turn all their stuff into a juicy raspberry palette to keep up with the trend. However, adding some funky details to your online shop interface and products will definitely attract the attention of loyal clients and generate new leads. Below, we’ll list some tips that may help you to organize successful Etsy print on demand step by step. And there are several ways you can apply them for your own e-commerce business:

  • Get inspired to develop a new one-of-a-kind product that melts the hearts and souls of your clients.
  • Generate exciting ideas to promote the POD store through your social media accounts.
  • Refresh the shop banners with seasonal offerings and specialties.
  • Improve product photos following trendy vibes.
  • Optimize descriptions, tags, and titles with top-searched terms.
  • Choose the right listings to promote through the marketplace ads.

Style trends

Attention to all the clothing and jewelry vendors. These top 2024 tendencies may help you create unique print on demand products selling like hotcakes on a festive day. Ombre and tie-dye patterns will remain in high demand for sportswear and casual apparel. Additionally, fashion boutiques may diversify their assortment with some gothic motives, as more people are interested in these outfits. Consider linen materials as a base surface for your printings. This fabric is perfect for hot summers, so you have enough time to prepare for seasonal arrivals.

Following the romantic vibe of Etsy sales in 2024, look to incorporate feminine details into your clothing line, including corsets, lace, bows, silk or satin surfaces and roses in prints.

As for jewelry and accessories, this year appreciates a combination of various metals, especially if they are upcycled. Buildable bracelets and necklaces offer endless options for personalization, so every fashionista will look for the one to add to the shopping cart.

Decor innovations

Best selling print on demand products are those that create a cozy atmosphere across the customers’ homes. In 2024, householders give preference to organic and sustainable goods. Unfinished edges for wall art decor and wooden utensils, waves and wiggles for lamps and vases, denim pillows, and kitchen napkins are welcomed among the store assortment. 

Stick to minimalism in design when it comes to decorating modern flats. Tiny brand logos and discreet fonts are pretty reasonable for these kinds of POD items.


Just like any other year, 2024 has dozens of occasions to please your customers with relevant stuff. Explore some hot ideas to boost online sales and keep a competitive advantage:

  • Printed names and initials. They can be incorporated into any material: bathrobes or cups, bags and necklaces, pillows, and phone cases. The best thing about this gift is that clients can order them for weddings, bachelor parties, Mother’s Day, and any other event throughout the entire year.
  • Sentimental items. Cards and stickers are extremely popular for spreading warm wishes. POD services may receive large orders for cheering corporate workers or creating greeting cards for other retail businesses. Along with printing someone else’s ideas, you may also develop your own digital products to sell on Etsy, including store banners, ad templates, planners, or logos.
  • Tiny luxuries. Special treats like candles, velvet makeup bags, and slippers can become a perfect addition to the main gift or a stand-alone present.
  • Foodie details. Tasty treat decorations will look perfect on kitchen items like towels, plates, and aprons. Juicy fruits will emphasize the holiday vibe for beach products like swimwear, caps, or umbrellas.   

Are you still looking for the top-selling items on Etsy 2024?  Continue reading the article to find even more POD ideas that will boost your sales.

Why and what to sell on Etsy?

Etsy is a unique platform where you can discover one-of-a-kind vintage, artisan, and handmade treasures while supporting small businesses. It is the place where customers go in search of unique, selling over 40 million items from entrepreneurs around the world.

Essentially, Etsy brings together small business owners and customers who value handmade goods, unique items, and personal connections. Etsy makes it easy to start a business and open a store.

But what to sell to make money on Etsy? How to choose a niche for success? What if you're not very good at DIY?

If you are asking yourself these questions, we hasten to please you! We have identified one of the most profitable print-on-demand products on Etsy that will help you create a successful business and make your customers satisfied and loyal. This is the niche of print-on-demand. Products created within the print-on-demand production combine elements of handmade, custom design, and print art. Therefore, they allow you to promote in several categories at once, and at the same time, you do not need to have needlework skills to be a successful seller. This is a win-win option for both customers and Etsy shop owners.

Almost forgot! You do not need to keep dozens of products in stock and worry about whether they will sell or not. You produce products as orders come in. Thus, you do not need initial capital to purchase goods. All you need is to find a partner who will provide the right equipment.

Check out some hot ideas for selling on Etsy throughout the entire year.

Axolotl prints everywhere

Although these funny creatures don’t seem to be new discoveries in the animal world, axolotl printings have skyrocketed in demand since the last quarter of 2023. Starting from around 300+ web searches, users’ interest grew to 3510 just in a month from September to October. These statistics make the product a potential best seller in the current year. So, it is definitely worth the POD entrepreneurs' attention.

Dragons, dragons, dragons… 

The symbol of 2024 will remain in high demand on the Etsy marketplace at least until next January. Unleash the power of this zodiac animal to increase sales and improve customer engagement throughout the entire leap year. You can bring some magic crafting one-of-a-kind design and showcase the charm of dragons on funky t-shirts, stylish phone cases, or cheerful water bottles. It’s not just about the product you sell but rather about creating outstanding visuals that resonate with your customers’ hearts and souls.

Embrace the trends of Twitch

Surprisingly, these American live-streaming service overlays are highly appreciated by online buyers. Nowadays, Twitch goes far beyond game broadcasts and is widely used by content creators who offer makeup, fitness, cooking, crafting, and other entertaining videos. Hundreds of customers will gladly purchase products associated with an interactive service, especially if it has become their stable source of income.

Nurse tote bags

Cotton or linen shoppers always remained high-margin POD products. They are super eco-friendly, allowing us to realize any design ideas and apply various printing technologies. In 2024, we suggest entrepreneurs focus on a specific niche and diversify their listings with nursing tote bags. Extremely popular in the medical community, they provide caregivers with easy and lightweight alternatives to large backpacks. A good tote bag offers adequate storage space, is fully functional, and may be associated with your brand.

Where to look for new ideas? 

While all the handmade items to sell on Etsy don’t seem truly unique or unexplored, every store owner still has a foothold for new brilliant ideas. At the very least, you may always provide a different angle to already existing and widely used products. Our minds can be very poor at generating new thoughts if we don’t have enough information on things we can change or improve. That's why the first step every POD vendor should take is to do market research. 

Explore best sellers, watch videos, learn new technologies, and read articles. Our minds need some base to go off when creating fresh items. During your discovery phase, you may follow old patterns, rebuild something similar, and add extra value to solve current customers’ pains.

When you develop and grow, meeting other people and analyzing their experience, you open new horizons for your own business. Knowledge gives birth to broader possibilities that you couldn’t predict earlier. Never doubt that some of your ideas can be dumb. Dare to try, and you’ll succeed!

Initially, you may never know where inspiration is waiting for you. Customers will gladly tell what they expect from the item and how you can satisfy their needs. Find a competitor’s store, read users’ testimonials, and you’ll discover various ways to upgrade the stuff.

Top POD products to sell on Etsy in 2024

Our team has prepared an infographic for you with a list of the most requested print-on-demand products on Etsy to make money. Each of them is placed in the corresponding category, which is also marketplace bestsellers. This list is relevant throughout the existence of the website, so you can use it at any time.

Etsy algorithms play a crucial role in the success of your online shop. By understanding how the platform works, you’ll be able to optimize listings and reach the top of search results. If you want to know what buyers find trendy right now, pay attention to key indicators like featured products, categories, and most showcased themes on the main Etsy page. To learn what resonates with customers, examine titles, tags, and descriptions of the items from the most popular marketplace search results. 

Don’t be lazy to dive deeper into subcategories. Specific niches hide a vast potential for lucrative insights. A data-driven approach helps entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on limitless opportunities…


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