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Video is not only called as content marketing trend, but it is now an integral part of many companies marketing strategy. According to research, including videos in your website or on any social media platform, then your landing page can increase conversion by more than 75% and also more than 90% of consumers share video to other people. So video can be one of the powerful tool for reaching and also engaging the audience. 

Video marketing is simply use of videos for promoting and telling people about your business, product and services which leads to increase engagement on digital and social channel, help to educate audience, and to communicate with them with a new medium. 

Here are some video marketing tips which will help to improve your business – 

1) Create a schedule to post a video – Audience always expect regular content updates or they need you to be consistence, so it is important to think of your videos in terms of campaigns rather than just posting videos at random. Creating quality content of your videos and maintaining consistent posting schedule will definitely encourage your audience to come back for some more videos. So to keep your audience engaged in your content, you need to continue implementing new campaigns according to your posting schedule.

2) Publish stories – Rather than just posting videos about your brand, product or services, look for ways to tell stories with your videos. Because audience always look for something new and more, so incorporating stories into your video content can be a great way to improve online engagement. You can learn more about Video Marketing at Digital Marketing Classes in Pune

3) Never forget about calls to action – You should never forget to include calls to action in your videos because if customers enjoy your video, but if they have no idea about what’s next then you may be pouring time and money down the drain which ultimately impact your business. So always include some text that links to your website and encourage your audience to know more about your business.

4) Optimize your videos with SEO content – Did you know that Google actually indexes your own YouTube videos?

So if someone is searching for your brand of a particular phrase, then you have the opportunity to show up multiple times in the same search list. To optimize your videos, all you have to do is include some keywords in your video descriptions.

You can also add shortened link with call to action which will encourage audience to visit your website or social media profile.

5) Upload some interesting thumbnail – Thumbnail is the first impression of your video, so put extra efforts in creating unique and attractive thumbnail to grab viewers’ attention on your videos. Thus, enroll yourself today in Digital Marketing Training in Pimpri Chinchwad to have a safe and successful business.

6) Collaborate with other brands and influencers – When a trusted influencer recommends some brand or its products and service it actually feel more genuine and trustworthy than you yourself telling how great is our brand and service. You need to do that as well but with that you need to collaborate with trusted brands and influencers. 

 To conclude, make your video a key part of your marketing strategy so create some unique videos for your audience every time because you never know how a new idea or strategy can help you reach your desired goals and fulfil your strategy.


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