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If you're looking for rustic-style homes or want to incorporate traditional design, wall paneling or cladding, it's a great solution to modernize the look of a space. Wall paneling is an ideal alternative to add architectural design to rooms without features and also protect walls from the wear and tear of daily life. It is functional as well as stylish.

The fashion for wall paneling has been elevated to new levels. The homeowners are getting more creative with their decor as well as DIY-related projects.

Wall Panelling Ideas

Available in a variety of mouldings, from basic tongue and grooves to more elaborate style . There's a wall paneling that is suitable for any bathroom, living space or the kitchen… almost every room you could imagine.

Additionally, it's an excellent way to add insulation, as well as to conceal uneven walls and to conceal radiators or fireplaces. Check out the best walls made of shakers as well as some wall paneling ideas for your home.

Select ribbed panelling that is stunningly intricate

Combining intricate panels with ribbed and portrait make these walls sparkle. A great choice for rooms that will make you want to feel close to you, giving an inviting, cozy feeling. Paint it with dark gray, emerald, or navy All of them are trendy.

Explore panels as an alternative to tiles.

Panelling is a great way to make your bathroom stand out rather than tiles. It is possible to add an extended shelf to provide the space needed for toiletries or candles that can make bathing more relaxing.

But surely, wood paneling could swell up when bathing in warm water? Not if you get a suitable material. “Panelling using a half-round shape is possible to make using water resistant MDF sheeting. It appears exactly like real after the paint has dried and is ideal to use for boxing pipework.'

Make a French cane room and split it into

For a boho-chic elegant, breezy style, you can use back panelling that is made from cane webbing. It's a fantastic space divider which conceals an open closet, or creates an impressive feature for an alternative to a headboard. Clear varnish or oil applied to an unfinished wooden panel is a great complement to the rattan finish and white linens. For a more unique look, it's possible to apply dark stained or black-painted. Before you begin to staple the webbing make sure that it is immersed in water so that it has the chance to expand and become flexible. If the frame is evident from both sides, then repeat the frame from the back for the perfect look.

Cheat with wallpapers made of wood

If you're thinking of having wall paneling without the expense or hassle it is possible to create it all by using a cleverly made wallpaper. Simple slatted wall panels give an elegant and luxurious appearance. However, these panels cost a lot. Modern designs let you make the look without having to effort of making it yourself. This means wall will appear in a perfect condition, just by the application of wallpaper.

The wallpaper can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to create an interesting feature wall or as a wall-panel which can be used to create an ideal frame for furniture or an open fireplace, or for half-height wall in living and bedrooms.

Integrate open shelves into panels

If you'd rather not install cabinets on the kitchen wall but need to store things, panels will echo the traditional features in the kitchen of Shaker, without needing to surround the space by cabinets. Paint the walls and shelving in the same shade as the cabinets below, giving an unified appearance, and also allows the shelves and peg rails to appear nearly unnoticeable. The earthy color can showcase a variety of vessels and mugs.

Be sure that the room is covered in only one color.

If you're looking to paint all of your walls in the same color, paneling can instantly boost the look by bringing light and shade on dull wall. By painting all the woodwork, comprising the skirting the architrave as shutters with the same color will be lit at dark, creates an amazing ambience that is inspiring by this warm color.

Have a look at the beauty that is natural

Take advantage of the tranquil qualities of natural materials. It doesn't matter if are looking to decorate the walls of your home with recycled wood or new wood panels.These walls are a great solution to add some flair to flat areas. A shiplap-style wall at the back of your bed could be an eye-catching alternative to a striking headboard. Its natural patina as well as silvered shades of antiqued or reclaimed wood create a unique rough and luxurious look.

Utilize panels instead of a headboard

Are you considering upgrading your divan beds? Consider a fresh take on the traditional wood headboard, by fitting an attractive panelled piece. It could make a dramatic impact by stretching the panelled portion up to the ceiling. Paint the wood using dark charcoal colors that is not just a way of encasing the room with a warm appearance, but can also give a stylish appearance that would be appropriate for the most luxurious hotel.

The bed's back filled with cushions will make a comfortable spot for you to lay your head down as you go to bed for the bed for a relaxing Sunday.

Create a serene dining space

A space of contrasts delicate pink hue of the wall instantly adds to the minimalist design of the dining area additional warmth. When you choose a shade that is a step above neutral, it provides an ideal contrast to the crisp flooring and cool gray walls to an opposite direction.

The clean and sleek panelling, and the sleek black panelling give a sophisticated design to the space .


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