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Your electrical wiring and the power you receive from it, most people take for granted, but you should have your electrician on Gold Coast check your wiring every few years or if experiencing any of the following conditions. Electricity and electrical faults can be dangerous, so it’s vital for your family’s safety that you maintain your electrical wiring in top condition.

Some of the top warning signs that you must call your friendly local electrician on The Gold coast to repair are:

  • Circuit breakers Tripping Frequently

Circuit breakers are installed in your system to trip if your electrical wiring is overloaded for any reason. If you have several high load appliances on one circuit and they all start together the wiring may be overloaded enough to trip your circuit breaker. If this happens regularly, it’s time to call your friendly local electrician on The Gold Coast to check your wiring

  • Flickering, dimming or buzzing lights

If any of your lights dim, flicker or make a buzzing sound, it’s likely there is a problem with your wiring circuits. Sometimes this indicates a drop in voltage which may be external caused by fluctuations in your power supply or internal where there is a possible issue that needs to be investigated. When you turn on an appliance and it causes a change in your lights you need to call your friendly electrician on The Gold Coast as soon as possible

  • Scorch marks or charring

If any of your power outlets or plugs are discoloured, charred or deformed it indicates they are heating up. This is a definite sign of damage and if left and the cause not found, it’s likely to cause an electrical fire so you need to have your friendly electrician on The Gold Coast check your circuits as soon as possible

  • Vibrating or warm power outlets or plugs

All the connections and power outlets in your wiring should be cool and silent at all times. If you ever feel any vibrations or sense of warmth from any part of your wiring, it’s a sign you need to have your whole system checked

  • Strange smells

If you detect any burnt or smoky smells or other odours such as a rotten egg smell in your home or business it suggests that there is some heat damage caused by faulty, loose connections or the insulation on your electrical wiring has been compromised and needs to be checked

The safety of your home and family as well as your business, its staff and customers can be compromised by faulty electrical wiring, never do your own repairs. Always call a professional qualified and registered electrician to do all repairs or installations. If you notice any changes in your electrical wiring such as flipped circuit breakers or safety switches, burning or other smells, flickering lights or deformed, warm or vibrating outlets or switches, call your friendly electrician on The Gold Coast.


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