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Maintaining personal hygiene is the essence of self-care. It ensures that you feel comfortable in your body and leaves a pleasant impression on the people around you. Towels are a savior when it comes to hygiene.

Not only hygiene but a good set of essential towels can also enhance the visual appeal of your washroom. Do not fall into the trap of believing that a few pieces of bath towels can serve all purposes. That’s not the case. You should invest in some good quality towels designed for different purposes.

To ensure that you do not get overwhelmed by the wide variety of towels available, here is a list that can guide you about different types of towels. Do ensure to consider these when you go to buy towels.

Bath Towel

This is the most commonly used and an all-pervasive piece. Bath towel serves various purposes, from drying off after a shower to wrapping up wet hair. You can also use this towel to dry off children after a bath.

Hand Towel

A good-sized hand towel is a must to consider when you buy towelsOf course, you do not want to use a long and heavy bath towel to dry your hands; that’s when hand towels come into the picture. They take lesser space and dry faster than the bath towels. Apart from serving a utilitarian function, these towels work wonders to decorate your compact washroom space.

Bath Sheet

Many people get confused between a bath sheet and a bath towel. Don’t be one of them. Bath sheets are larger in size than bath towels that are enough to give you warmth after a long shower. People with bulkier and longer bodies generally prefer bath sheets over bath towels. So, do give these towels a try when you shop for towels online or offline.

Face Towel

Your towels might not be as clean as you think them to be. I am sure you do not want to use your bath towel on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. Maintaining a separate face towel is very important to ensure that germs on other parts of your body do not get to your face. Just like hand towels, these also take up less space and dry quicker.

Gym Towel

If you are a gym freak or do some form of exercise to maintain a healthy and toned body, you should definitely know about a gym towel. Nobody wants to carry a bulky towel to their gym so, they look for something compact and lightweight. That’s when gym towels come into the picture. Just throw it in your bag, and you are good to go.

It is recommended that you should buy towels online or offline in sets and not as stand-alone pieces. A good towel set enhances the overall feel of your washroom. So, you should definitely consider investing in some good quality towel sets because they last longer and provide value for your hard-earned money. After all, a towel is a bathroom accessory that we use every day, without fail, so why not invest in some durable pieces?


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