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If you are looking for a versatile truck, this Toyota Fortuner review may be just what you're looking for. It is a small truck that has been built with its driver in mind. It is geared towards drivers that are looking to have a truck that can handle the rough terrain that they often drive through. 

This truck has many innovations over the other small trucks on the market. It has features that will allow it to handle everything from ice and snow to sand and gravel.

Toyota Fortuner Review: Features

The Toyota Fortuner comes equipped with two front axles instead of the normal three. It also has five sets of axles, which is the most of any truck in this class. This allows the driver to drive the truck over uneven terrain with ease. This versatility is important to truck drivers since they often find themselves hauling heavy loads over tough terrains.

The Toyota Fortuner has a rear locking bow-truck tire carrier. This feature is perfect for drivers who need to haul long, flat tires. They can lock their tires up so they don't blow out when they get to their destination. Only about half a dozen companies offer this type of locking system, and Toyota is one of them.

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The Fortuner features an automatic transmission. This means that the truck can change gears while the driver is on the road. This is a real plus because it means that drivers will have more control over the vehicle. With trucks like these, it is absolutely necessary to have hands free controls. That means that if you have a slip and fall, you can still stop the truck without having to shift into reverse. All the latest Toyota Trucks come standard with automatic transmissions, but some models require that the buyer buy an automatic transmission as an option.

An aluminum shock set is standard on the Fortuner. This helps keep the weight of the truck low, which improves handling. It also helps to keep noise from being transmitted through the truck's suspension system.

On the road, the Fortuner features big brake lights, which let other drivers know that they should be ready to stop quickly. This is especially useful for trucks that travel on dark roads at night, or for trucks that must make numerous lane changes in quick succession. However, the tires do not have the same size and width as the others on the market. So drivers who drive the Fortuner will find that they sometimes have difficulty controlling it during a sudden stop or turn. This is one of the Fortuner's drawbacks.

The engines on the Fortuner trucks are similar to those found in many other small trucks. So the driver will not have any special abilities, such as following another vehicle, changing lanes, or pulling to the side of the road. However, the truck has two engine speeds, and drivers who need power will appreciate these features. They can accelerate faster and decelerate slower than most small trucks.

The fifth wheel of the Fortuner is not as luxurious as the others on the market, but it is perfectly adequate for driving in most situations. The Fortuner is small enough to tuck under most seats, and it includes an interior that is comfortable. These features are important if you want to take your family on long family vacations. But the small truck has enough power to get around on the road, even with the added features.

The tires on the Fortuner trucks are designed for smooth driving, and they feature grooved treads so they will not wear out as quickly as some of the other small trucks. They also have recessed struts so the tires do not rub on the body of the vehicle. In addition, the Fortuner's rear stabilizer helps to keep it balanced when it turns, which is essential for maneuvering in traffic. The vehicle's brake lights also work well, and it includes HID headlights. This makes night driving much easier.

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The exterior of the Fortuner looks great, and it includes an attractive chrome finish. However, the truck has three exhaust pipes, which allows you to customize the exhaust to your personal taste. This is another benefit of the Fortuner's simplicity. You can choose what you like about the exterior design and leave the rest up to the parts. You may choose a sporty look or a more conservative style. There are also numerous paint colors available, including metallic hues like silver, which complements the stainless steel body very well.

The Fortuner comes standard with the same features as many small trucks, including power steering, power brakes, airbags, stability control, automatic transmission, and three-point seat belts. It does, however, come with a small gasoline engine, which can save a lot of money during fuel purchases. 

Toyota Fortuner Review: Verdict

This truck is great for anyone who wants to build their own vehicle, since it only weighs 4WD. Also, since it comes with an automatic transmission, you won't have to worry about adjusting your gas pedal when you need to change gears. As long as you keep the engine tuned up, you should have no problems getting a great mileage out of this fuel efficient truck.



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