Toyota Rush Buying Guide: Just Choose the Cheapest Variant?

Toyota Rush is still very attractive to consumers in Indonesia thanks to its various advantages. As a very calculated low SUV, Rush is still the ruler of its class.

Rush is an LSUV with an engine that is well known for its toughness, 1,500 with Dual VVT-i technology with a 4 cylinder configuration. This car has a number of variants that are ready to be selected according to consumer needs.

Analysis of Variants and Rush Types

In total, PT Toyota Astra Motor offers the Toyota Rush in a total of two variants. While there are four types in total with the lowest price at IDR 255,200,000.

Toyota Rush is available in one engine type only and is available in manual and automatic transmission. For color options, the second generation Rush comes in six different colors.

As the type with the cheapest price, of course the Toyota Rush 1.5 G M / T is the best fit if your main concern is a matter of funds. Even if it is compared to the most expensive type, this cheapest Rush is actually the difference between the basic engine and not too far.

As the main differentiator, Rush 1.5 G uses 16-inch tires. While the brakes, suspension, engine profile and transmission are all the same. Now the difference is in the completeness and support of entertainment.

What about the safety features? Good news for those who still have to propose to the lowest type of gambar mobil Toyota. Because with a lower budget, you will still get safety features similar to the most expensive types.

Starting from ABS brakes, Hill Start Assist, Emergency Brake Signal, Vehicle Stability Control to airbags at several points are standard across all variants and types of Rush.

Rush Features and Features

Relying on a 1,500 cc rear-driven engine, the Toyota Rush is ready to produce 104 PS of power and 136 Nm of torque. This 2NR-VE coded engine has also adopted DOHC technology with 16 valves.

Unfortunately Rush still uses a conventional type automatic transmission. Because in its class there are competitors who use CVT transmissions, including the Honda BR-V and DFSK Glory 560.

In the Toyota Rush variant G, you have got the engine start-stop button to operate the engine. Yes, the engine start-stop button has become standard equipment from the cheapest to the most expensive Rush.

In addition, an interesting feature in the lowest variant of the Toyota Rush is the rear parking camera. Unfortunately the 7-inch screen on the G variant Rush only accommodates the reverse camera. For a more complete and complete entertainment support, of course, only Rush S TRD has. One of them is an 8-point speaker that is ready to pamper your ears along the way, which only Rush S TRD has.


Toyota Rush is indeed quite interesting because of its well-known tough features and engine. Especially with the rear drive system, of course you can expect good handling on various road surfaces.

If you have limited funds, it turns out that it is also quite satisfying if you only pursue performance. Because based on the engine and transmission there is no difference between the cheapest and highest variants.

Even Toyota is also not stingy in providing safety support. Even the lowest type of Toyota Rush has safety features similar to the most expensive. It's not an exaggeration if the Rush variant G is worthy of being chosen to answer the needs of a tough and safe daily car.


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