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As part of the Toyota series, Transmover is considered the lowest variant of Toyota Avanza. The car is more suitable for online-based personal transportation. This makes the 2020 Toyota Transmover cheaper.

Toyota Transmover 2020 remains committed to fleet consumers

Then, although the appearance is not much different, the price of the Toyota Transmover launched in 2016 is cheaper than the Toyota Avanza. Significant differences were found in the Avanza fascia, which has now been refurbished. In terms of price, the price of Toyota Transmover is lower than Rp. 200 million, 148.2 million to be exact (off-road).

The exterior of the Toyota Transmover 2020

The Transmover logo is a distinctive logo on the 2020 Toyota Transmover.

The exterior is not a modified model, but it still shows the old Toyota Avanza. The grille is also only available in black. If it is damaged due to frequent collisions of private transportation vehicles or taxis, the use of this black grille will not only make the price cheap, but also not too expensive.

Interior of Toyota Transmover 2020

Without audio, the 2020 Toyota Transmover is cheaper than the Toyota Avanza

With cheaper prices, Toyota Transmover 2020 parts are of course simpler, starting from the cooling system, the audio system only relies on two speakers (door trim) to upholstery materials that only use fabric and vinyl.

Toyota Transmover 2020 rearview mirror

As expected, the 2020 Toyota Transmover only uses standard model rearview mirrors, not electric rearview mirrors. This is because taxis often have other vehicle accidents. In addition, taxi drivers are often thrown aside by the driver, so that they steal electronic mirrors and incur crimes. But in fact, if you want to improve your ability, you can of course install an electric model mirror.

Toyota Transmover 2020 rims

Compared with the cheaper price of Toyota Avanza, it is an option to make the silver rims of the 2020 Toyota Transmover. The 16-rim size with 185/70 tires is considered to be suitable for the taxi.

2020 Toyota Transmover transmission

The 2020 Toyota Transmover offers a 5-speed manual transmission, but if you want to use an automatic transmission, you can pay the price yourself. The cost of installing an automatic transmission on Toyota Transmover 2020 can be exchanged for 7 million rupiah.

In conclusion

Five parts make Toyota Transmover 2020 cheaper. But in fact, there is also the Toyota Transmover 2020, which has been upgraded or reinstalled, adding electric rearview mirrors, Double Din audio to the hub cover of the hub cover. According to reports, the Dress Up (DU) version of Toyota Transmover is priced at IDR 178 million.

Toyota Transmover 2020 appearance first introduced in 2017

Of course, the idea of buying a 1,329 cc 4-cylinder Toyota Transmover 2020 with dual VVTi engines is very tempting. The engine is the same as the engine used in the 2020 Toyota Avanza, except for those who wish to have a modified exterior car.

Therefore, if Toyota does launch the 2020 Toyota Transmover version to the public, then there seems to be a lot of enthusiasts because it currently only serves the fleet's consumer orders. Except for those who want a car with a cosmetic appearance.

Moreover, compared with the Avanza 1.3 EM/T, the lowest variant of the Toyota Avanza 2020, its price is IDR 197.7 million. It feels more attractive like Toyota Transmover 2020. Do you agree?


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