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Through the first toys, we can help the baby to know the world around him.

When a baby arrives in the family and we want to buy him a toy, there are many doubts that come to mind: after how many months will he start playing? Will it be the right toy? Will it catch your eye? Will it help you in your development?

Month by month you realize that they have learned a thousand new things (which I say every month, every day!) And at this stage they are discovering the world, everything is new for them, everything catches their attention, they are curious about the objects and the people around them and, really, this is how they learn.

For this reason, we can help them to discover the world through such a fantastic resource as the toy. It is very important that we play with them. That we talk and interact with them while we play, offering them the necessary stimuli that will help them get to know the world.

As we always say, each boy and girl is different. It must be clear from the beginning that each one has a different character, development, and needs, but what they do share is their innate need to play. When the baby plays, she activates all her senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. This is their way of learning. Therefore, it will be important that we provide them with toys adapted to their stage, which stimulate their cognitive development. We leave you our selection of toys and games:

Toys for babies from 0 to 6 months

From 0 to 6 months we recommend sensory toys, which attract their attention and invite them to pick up, observe and explore with all their senses: toys made of different materials and with different textures and colors, that make sounds when shaken or squeezed, even that reproduce sweets melodies to calm them during sleep hours.

For example, from birth and during their first months, musical mobiles or stuffed animals and doudous will be ideal to stimulate hearing, sight, touch, and even smell (doudous are excellent attachment resources, in a future article we will talk more about they)

Musical Farm Mobile Musical Farm Mobile

Later on, the rattle will be his first quintessential toy. With their small size, for easy grip, they are perfect for celebrating your first cause-and-effect discovery: when you move or shake it, it makes a noise! In addition, from 4 months, tethers and rattles with teething elements will be a relief for this stage.

Tiny Toys Rattles Set Tiny Toys Rattles Set matchstick monkey tethers Matchstick Monkey Tethers

Toys for babies 6-24 months

Activity plushiest with different stimuli to explore are also ideal for this stage And we can't deny that these plushiest are so sweet! From 6 months, they begin to develop more their motor skills and have more control of their body. They already hold objects with ease, they turn around, they can be seated with support, they start to crawl and it goes to more!

Alice Activity Doll Alice Activity Doll Hen, Therefore, for this stage, we can already give them the first toys and games that encourage them to improve their motor skills (both fine and gross), such as blocks, stacking cubes, first instruments, wheels or trailers that encourage crawling.

Finally, you simply have to keep in mind that you should avoid overstimulating the baby with many toys at the same time. If we take out the toys and games little by little, we will let her explore them at her own pace, we will help her to concentrate on each one of them and at the same time, we will discover with fascination all that it can contribute to her development.

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