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1. Trademark Brand Name

By branding a company name, protecting the product, its reputation, and your ideas, you have undoubtedly instilled in you a large amount of blood, sweat, and tears. And while the marketing process itself will take time in all areas of consideration, there is nothing worse than failing to protect your product and you could be facing criminal charges from a large company.

The process of registering a trademark in India is now possible and simple in that you know the trademark of any of the following or a combination of the following:

– Book

– Word

– Number

– Phrase

– Drawings

– Logo

– Audio tag

– Smell or mix colors

2. Registering a trademark

Trademark registration was established in 1940 and the Trademark Act was passed in 1999. Currently, the trademark register operates as the body or active body of the Act. Or it could be said that they work together. As a functional body, the trademark register applies all the rules and regulations of the trademark law in India.

The headquarters of the trademark register is in Jaipur and has branch offices in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Kolkata. When a trademark is registered, it is registered under the Commercial Act, 1999 and the trademark register registers it. In this process, the register will check whether the registration mark meets all the requirements of the Act prior to registration.

3. Who Can Apply for Trademark?

With the Commercial Registration Form, a person whose name is stated as the applicant will be declared the owner of the trademark once the trademark has been successfully registered. Any person, company, and LLP can be an applicant and can apply for registration of a particular trademark.

4. How to Register a Trademark

Trademark registration is done through a trademark register. When planning to register a trademark there are a few steps involved.

Trademark selection:

Remember to choose a unique and unique brand that will represent your company. Another important point is to identify which category you belong to. Currently, there are 45 categories of goods and services under which a trademark may be registered. 1-34 classes are for goods and 35-45 classes are designed for service. You can find the class list here

Search tag:

Once you have selected your marker it is advisable to do some research to see if the mark you have selected matches the mark already registered. You can do it yourself by going to the website of the Director-General of Copyright, Design, and Trademarks. On the website, you can find the option to perform a public search. Once you click on this option you need to select your class and search the online database.

One way to get legal services, even if you have to pay for it, is a safer way.

Total legal services will cost less if your trademark is challenged. Not only do they search but they will help you with the whole process.


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