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A city seeped in historical and cultural heritage, Gwalior is one of the most significant cities in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The city is thronged by millions each year for majestic forts and palaces which are the living proofs of the dynasties and the kingdoms which that passed quite a few hands while ruling the city. The beauty and the grandeur of the architectural marvels of Gwalior made this city a princely state under the British Raj.

Apart from being a prime tourist attraction, the city is located in the close proximity of a number of industrial and commercial belts of the states, such as Malanpur in the Bhind district and Banmore in the Morena district. Therefore, the city is not only the haven of tourists but also houses thousands of employees who have migrated to the city because of greater academic and career opportunities. In addition to the existing industries and the rapid urbanization and industrialization of the city, due to its closeness to the city to the national capital city of New Delhi (Gwalior is 343 kilometers away from Delhi), Gwalior has been included as one of the cities in the ‘Counter Magnet’ project under the name of ‘Gwalior West’ with funding from the National Capital region to multiply the investment in the areas of education, health care, industry and real estate. This project is undertaken to mobilize the population of Delhi to the close-by cities to decrease the population density and hence the pressure on the staunchly overpopulated city of Delhi.

The railways services in Gwalior are well connected to the major cities in the North and Central India and are famed to be the longest in the operational services of the narrow gauge route in the entire world with its terminus being in Gwalior city. The railway services in Gwalior are the main transportation modes in and out of the city as Gwalior is crisscrossed by both the broad and narrow gauge train routes. People of Gwalior are heavily dependent on the North Central Railways for their daily and long distance commutes and thus train branding in Gwalior is a potent option if you are on the hunt to expand your business in Central India.

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Advertising with the Indian Railways in Gwalior will thereby prove to be a lucrative option for you in future due to the increasing expansion and industrialization of the city with each passing day. Out of a plethora of advantages of train branding in Gwalior, a few of them are:

Ensuring brighter scopes for the brand and the company in the future:

With the inclusion of Gwalior in the ‘counter-magnet’ project, it is only evident that the city poses a lot of scope for generating greater revenue in the future. You will be the torchbearer in the race of establishing brand image and business.

A wide Central India branding initiative:

A campaigning initiative in the heartland of India is sure to promulgate equally in the other zones of the country and bring more people in the vicinity of the branding scheme of the company. A branding initiative in the central region of India has the potential to engage the most populous states of India and branch out the word-of-mouth branding to the neighboring states.

Railway is the most relied mode of transportation among the people of Gwalior and the neighboring towns:

Train branding in Gwalior is the most effective way of broadcasting the brand among the residents of Gwalior and the adjacent industrial belts as the North Central Railway Network connects all the major towns and cities of Central India. Not only is Gwalior well-connected to almost all the crucial railway junctions of North, West and East India but its close proximity to the NCR also makes the city worthy of investing in brand campaigning.

Gwalior has the dual advantage of broad and narrow gauge routes:

As Gwalior is one of the few cities in the world which still enjoys the benefits of narrow and broad gauge railway networks, train branding in Gwalior will help you to take the word of the brand to the remotest parts of Madhya Pradesh. While it is true that India has advanced into a primarily digital country with the project of smart cities expanding to an increasing number of cities each year, a considerable part of the country is still detached from the clutches of internet. Offline advertising is the only way they can learn about a new brand in the market, and hence advertising with the Indian Railways is one outreach move that most business investors rely on.

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