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The southern-most metropolitan of the country is no stranger to exponential growth. The city has made significant progress over the last decade, mainly after the IT boom, and is the most important financial, cultural and commercial metropolitan city in the southern part of India. Hailed as the ‘Detroit of India’, with more than one-third of the country’s automobile industry and frequented by over 45% people of the country for the advanced medical facilities in the city, Chennai is a major asset of India.

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It is, therefore, pertinent that the city is flooded with both local advertisements as well as with the advertisements of the national brands and the other regional ones. Among the myriad branding opportunities that the city can adopt, train advertising is one of the most impactful ways of advertising for your brand because the city is an ever burgeoning one due to the efficiency of the networking and the functionality of the railways. As much as people from far-flung areas throng to the city for their career, academics prospects or their medical treatment purposes, the locals too are heavily dependent on the railway system to ferry them to the different nooks and corners of the city.

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Promoting the image of a brand through trains will then serve a plenitude of purposes as along with conveying the message of the brand to far-flung places and giving the maximum possible brand visibility, train branding also helps in building brand loyalty among people due to its tie up with the prestigious service of the Indian Railway network and its scope of providing the best possible brand exposure in the city. Not only does train branding create an indelible etch in the mind of the local viewers but also the national visitors and the international tourists as Chennai is a tourist hotspot and a major gateway town to provide access to the nearby places of interest and to the trade corridor of South India.

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