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Train Services in Kolkata is the most trustworthy mode of daily transportation for thousands in the city. Almost 1500 trains ply daily in the Kolkata Suburban Railway System which ferries millions of people to different parts of the city and is known to be the largest suburban railway service in the country, in terms of both the number of railway stations (393 stations) and length of the railway tracks (1332 km). The Kolkata Suburban Railway System operates as the Eastern Railways (ER) and the South Eastern Railways (SER) along with the iconic underground Kolkata Metro which is the first in its kind.

With a transportation system which is as heavily relied upon as the train services in Kolkata, advertising with the Kolkata Railways will spread the word about your brand like wildfire. The city, known to be the ‘cultural capital’ of the country, houses the most creative and the culturally conscious minds of India. Thus, a creatively crafted advertising campaign will go a long way in striking a chord among the daily commuters in the city.

Train Branding in Kolkata is a lucrative investment at many levels, a few of which are listed below:

• Advertising with the Indian Railways in Kolkata will be the biggest campaign for your brand in the Eastern Region of the country as the Kolkata Suburban Railway System has the names of the biggest railway junctions in the country in the likes of Howrah, Sealdah, Kharagpur, etc.

• These junctions are visited by people throughout the country and hence, train branding in Kolkata will give your brand a nation-wide unveiling.

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• Advertising with the Indian Railways garners the maximum attention even in this digital era as people still regard brands associated with the Indian Railways to be trustworthy and reputable due to the age-old conviction and reliance of the Indian people on the Railway Network.

• Kolkata is the financial capital of the Eastern part of the country housing the headquarters and divisional branches of several national and international organizations and projects. With a promotional outreach stint as massive as a train branding service in the city, not only will your brand gain both national and international recognition but will also create an instant stir in the consumer market, deepening your revenue potentials by the virtue of word-of-mouth promotion.

• Lastly, by launching a productive Train advertising campaign for your brand at a scale as high as that of train branding, you will then stand a chance of understanding and evaluating the public reception of the brand as well as predicting the future of the product in the eastern region of the country.

Advertising with the Indian Railways in Kolkata will thus help you to build a sizable consumer base for your product and consequently, a long-lasting impression about your company in the minds of the people of the city who are known to appreciate brand value and image the most in the country.

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