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Transferring data from an old PC to a new one can get easy and straightforward if you follow the right steps and right tools for the task. Luckily, Windows computers and laptops support apps are useful for transferring data. If you have important data on your old PC, you should use a reliable app to do the job. Plus, you can transfer data from your old PC to a new PC in seven different ways. So you’re interested to know all the procedures of transferring data, here’s the guide.

Try Out OneDrive to Transfer Data

Transferring data using OneDrive is the easiest method you’ll try. It’s a cloud storage service that allows the user to take data backup and for transferring data. OneDrive offers 5GB of free storage that you can utilize to create data backup and transfer.

Indeed, 5GB of cloud storage is not enough to create a backup of huge data. You can purchase additional storage of 100GB and 1TB. To transfer the data, you’ll require a fast internet connection to upload the data you wish to transfer. Once the upload is finished, log in to your OneDrive data on the new PC and download it. You can upload images, videos, files, apps, and other files.

Use External Hard Drive to Transfer Data

An external hard drive is also a great option to backup and transfer data from one device to another. It’s a manual procedure and can take a bit extra time during the process. However, if you’ve already taken the backup of your data into an external hard drive, things can get a little bit easier.

To start transferring data from the old PC to the new PC, you’ll have to move files from your old PC to an external hard drive. Once the files are successfully moved to an external hard drive, you’ll have to plug them into a new PC and move the files to the new system. You can move media, images, videos, apps, files, and more things in the following procedure.

Transfer Data through Data Cable

If you don’t want to spend money on cloud storage or external hard drives, then a data cable will do the job for you. As compared to external hard drives, data cables are much affordable and allow you to transfer your data from one device to another directly. You simply need to purchase a data cable and use both sides to connect with your old and new PC. Remember, the data transfer speed will depend on your cable quality, so make sure to purchase a good-quality cable for better transfer speed.

Try Out PCmover to Transfer Data

People who were using Windows 7 and Windows 8 had a data transfer tool named Easy Transfer. The following tool was perfect for transferring audio, image, video, and documents, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work in Windows 10.

So people who are now using Windows 10 can use PCmover to transfer or move their files from old PC to new PC quickly for free. PCmover allows you to transfer any folder you like, files, settings to a new PC. You must connect both PCs and start transferring data from the old PC to the new PC to use this tool. A great thing about PCmover is that you can take help from their 24/7 support service whenever you face an error.

Use Macrium Reflect Clone Hard Drive

Well, if you wish to clone your hard drive and transfer the replica files from an old PC to a new one, Macrium Reflect is a perfect tool. It can create a clone of internal or external drive data and move it to a new PC pretty easily.

Indeed, you can find plenty of cloning tools to choose from, but Macrium Reflect has amazing clone and booting speed which makes it better than all other cloning tools. It has a premium and basic version, but both work the same in terms of data cloning and transfer.

Use Nearby Sharing

Before the April 2018 update in Windows, there was a HomeGroup feature to transfer data to devices that are close in range. But now, users have a Nearby Sharing feature that uses Bluetooth service to transfer data into devices that are close in range. Well, if you’re using the latest version of Windows 10, it’ll be your default sharing tool that you can enable before transferring data.

Nearby Sharing is a great way to transfer data from your old PC to your new PC. Plus point about Nearby Sharing is that it’s a built-in feature, so you won’t have to download or update this app before using it. You can update it along with the system update.

Transfer Data using Flip Transfer

Do you want to share a maximum of 50 files from your old PC to your new PC? If yes, then you should try the Flip Transfer tool to finish the job. Flip Transfer website allows you to drag some preferred files from your old PC and download it from the new PC in no time. But before doing it, make sure the 50 files are below 250 MB in size.


Users can find multiple ways to transfer their data from old devices to new ones. But before using any tool or website, every user must know about the user’s data policy of the app or website. Once it is ensured that the tool or website doesn’t use the data for their use, it is always safe to use those platforms.

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