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Transforming the Talent Landscape with BIPOC Talent

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We work hard to position BIPOC Talent, especially Black people, as a Black-owned company. Due to overt and unconscious bias, we have witnessed Black individuals with great skills being passed over during our collective more than 40 years of recruitment expertise. We aim to drive significant change in corporate Canada through our BIPOC Talent business and our recruitment expertise.

We will assist you in diversifying your talent pool at every level by locating highly qualified and skilled BIPOC professionals for you. Growing the BIPOC talent pool within your organization is both ethically and financially sound. We have firsthand experience demonstrating the superior effectiveness of enterprises with diverse workforces over those without.

Our Goal

To increase ITS Global's BIPOC talent placement (entry-level to management to executive positions) by at least 20% annually in order to promote true diversity in Canada.

We bring value through:

Dedicated partnership

Together, we aim to succeed. As a result, we take the time to get to know you and establish a partnership aimed at helping your business grow by hiring top personnel. Our combined knowledge of starting a business and identifying outstanding people is the secret to your success.

Brand promotion

We are aware that your success depends on developing a great employer brand and value proposition. In order to ensure that your brand is well-positioned with both active and passive prospects, we represent you in the talent market.

Targeted engagement

Since we are a part of your team, we are actively involved in every stage of the hiring process alongside you. We have a committed team, under the direction of our VP of Delivery, whose goal is to comprehend you and your company.

Competitive pricing

We not only save you money on advertising, promotion, and administrative expenses, but we also free up important time that you can use to expand your business. The expense of hiring is in your hands. No matter how many prospects you hire, the monthly subscription rates stay the same.


We are aware of talent. At every level of the hiring process, we will give you advice and hold consultations with you. When necessary, we will enlist the assistance of other partner businesses and manage such relationships in order to meet needs that we are unable to.

Value-added solutions

We take so much time developing our relationship with you because we think that working together will guarantee success. The following are some value-added services we offer:

  • Online Reference Checks
  • Candidate Profiles and Training Guides
  • HR Consulting
  • Pay rolling

Hence, at ITS Global, our HR Consultants in Canada are dedicated to creating an equal and fair work environment through hiring BIPOC Talent.

Contacts Us:

Email:- info@itsglobal.ca

Address:- 2-144 Old Kingston Rd, Ajax ON L1T 2Z9

Phone No:- (647) 689-4653

Website:- https://www.itsglobal.ca/

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