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Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives. Right from our grocery shopping to getting the doctor’s appointment; we tend to carry out every activity with the help of mobile apps. With mobile app developers experimenting with different designs and functionalities, new design trends are gaining prominence.

While app developers are trying to bring out new apps with revolutionary features, those that offer a heady mix of design and functionality often stand out. While scouting for app designs with some of the best App development companies Michigan for my beauty salon, I came across some interesting mobile app design trends that are sure to make a mark in the year 2023. Here are my insights on these trends, especially in the domain of visuals.


This is an interesting concept that is derived from both skeuomorphism and flat design. In order to achieve these designs, monochromatic colors are paired with subtle shadows to make the buttons look tactile. The low contrast that is maintained between foreground and background gives the keys a softer finish and an overall look and feel of simplified realism.


In an effort to have less visual noise and loading time, app developers are experimenting big time with minimalism. In this concept, the focus is entirely on drawing the user’s attention to the CTA. With a clean and uncluttered design and strategic utilization of white space, the mobile app can ensure ease of use and optimum utilization of the content without any unnecessary distractions.

Rounded shapes:

Designers are trying to understand the finer nuances of shape psychology in order to incorporate the same in their app design. Rounded and organic shapes are being increasingly used in the design in order to give it a friendlier and magical appeal. Also, it has been observed that such designs immensely help in eliminating negative experiences and de-stressing the user.

Better Digital illustrations:

While earlier not much thought was given to illustrations and the sole purpose of having them in place was establishing some relevance with the content, nowadays it is a different ball game altogether. New and improved apps have educated illustrations that can catch the customer’s attention and convey a poignant message. Earlier, it was either some random illustrations or gory visuals that were put in place in order to catch the user’s attention. However, nowadays UI/UX designers are working hard to make sensible illustrations that can convey a message.

Natural Fonts:

The year 2023 and beyond will see an increased focus on closing the technology-to-human gap and the usage of natural fonts is a step towards this effort. The traditional typography used in most apps makes them monotonous and at times even act as detractors. However, with the use of fonts that mimic natural handwriting, the interface can connect well with the users. This feature is especially being experimented with in case of apps for children.

Striking colors:

App Designers are putting a lot of emphasis on incorporating elements that stand out and catch the eye. The use of neon colors and striking bright colors like purple and pink in the mobile apps is fast catching up and the trend is certainly here to stay and evolve for the better.

While these are only the visual trends that are gaining momentum in the domain of app development, there is a plethora of new trends that will stand out in terms of technology in the years to come. In order to get the latest and best design for your app, when you decide to hire mobile app developer in Michigan or anywhere else for your business, remember to assess the designer’s understanding of these trends and his/her ability to work with them.










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