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Heels are said to be the best friend of a woman and are known to boost your confidence massively. They can also bring a drastic change in your look and can make people's heads turn when you enter a room. In terms of purchasing the perfect heels, the shopping aisles are so much broader than what you might be thinking. The world of fashion will cover all types of heels, be it stilettos, stylish boots, or exquisite pumps. And to make you familiar with the wide variety of the available heels in the market, we have explained each type in detail below.

Block heels

Block heels provide you with a very stylish look, but with the substantial heels, the body's weight is uniformly distributed, which is not the case with the thinner heels. Thus, they are known to reduce the pressure from the front of the foot to have a comfortable fit.

Cuban heel 

These heels have a height range between short and medium, and the heel is present in the form of ankle boots, loafers, closed shoes, and the Oxfords. The heel has an excellent appearance, and it might look like it has a taper from the top of the shoe to the bottom. 

Comma heels 

As the name suggests, these heels are shaped in the form of a comma. The appearance of these heels is very eye-catching, and their unusual design makes them contribute to the fashion statement that is a rare crescent. 

Cone heel

These heels are defined immensely by the sturdy, thick base that provides them with a secure stand and the narrow and delicate tip. These heels can be used for all sorts of heeled shoes, especially available by Italian heels brands. They are also available in different height type. The style of the heel is quite versatile and is going to last for an extended period. 

Flared heel

Like the flare heels, we have the flare heels offered by the top Italian heels brands. These heels were trendy as they were everyone's favorite during the flower power era that is the 70's. These heels are known to have a quite slim base, which broadens as we move down to the ground, making it look visually appealing and fantastic. 

French heel  

The French heel or more widely known as the Pompadour heel or the Louis heel is an advanced variation of the very famous spool heel. Like the spool heel, the French heel also has a wide top, a middle portion that is comparatively thin, and the base part has been covered rapidly. Adding to that, these heels are a bit short in height, so they are more comfortable. 

Kitten heels 

These heels are an excellent choice for those who feel a bit uncomfortable to walk in high heels. These heels are relatively thin and are as short as 3 inches and come in various designs offered by Italian heels brands.

Last Words

Now that you are fully aware of all the different types of heel styles, it is time to buy the best heel from one of the best Italian heels brands, Brio & Co. — a top brand that has an explicit collection of different heels. Check out their range for shopping for beautiful designer heels!


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